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11 Anti-Fatigue Mats Users Share Their Experiences

Anti-fatigue mats are one of the most cost-effective and easiest ways of improving comfort and boosting productivity. They are used to improve the physical welfare and engagement of staff in all kinds of different environments, including offices, industrial sites, retail and hospitality around the world. To find out some of the best uses and benefits of these versatile products, we spoke to eleven anti-fatigue mat users for their front-line, expert verdicts.

In the office

Home offices have taken off like never before, with more and more people working either part of full time from home. As a result, many of those people have opted to furnish their work spaces for better comfort and ergonomics – after all, it’s where we spend 40+ hours a week so it should be a nice, enjoyable space.

Office Anti-Fatigue Mat

Scott Steward, CEO and Founder of HiCollectors uses colourful anti-fatigue mats to provide a bit of an aesthetic boost as well as comfort to both his home and office workspaces:

"I’ve been using the anti-fatigue mats for about a year and a half now. And I'm very happy that I am! Firstly, they're very comfortable to stand on. The special support board gives you a sturdy yet soft surface that you can stand on for hours without feeling any discomfort. I work in an office and they help me with my concentration and motivation throughout the day.

"I also love how they look. They're great with the different colours and designs, they fit in with most of my home and office decor. Overall, I think they're an amazing product and I hope to use them for a long time to come."

Along with the growth in home office use has come an uptick in the use of standing desks. These are obviously a great use case for anti-fatigue mats – users are standing in one place for prolonged periods, which is exactly what these products are designed to help with.

Ian Sells, CEO & Founder of RebateKey said:

"As a CEO who works from home, I enjoy working at a standing desk. This keeps me from becoming sleepy and keeps me focused. Since I usually work for hours, a friend recommended an anti-fatigue mat.

"An anti-fatigue mat does work, since I don't remember feeling any muscle or joint pain even when I work standing up from 8 to 5 and only sit down during rest breaks."

Mike Hinckley, Founder of Growth Equity Interview Guide agrees:

"I started using an anti-fatigue mat in the summer of 2020.  During Covid-19, I was adjusting to my work-from-home office.  Since I have a standing desk at home, I was standing much more often than before.  Without the mat, my feet would get incredibly tired by the end of the day.  After trying the mat, I found the fatigue and discomfort to be much less.  I was able to enjoy the benefits of standing, while focusing much more consistently throughout the day because I was no longer thinking about my feet."

Jonathan Tian, Co-Founder of Mobitrix also uses a standing desk:

"I bought my first anti-fatigue mat early last year and have been using it while working at my home office’s standing desk. It comes in handy whenever I need to stand for long hours and it reduces stress on my knees, feet and legs. The anti-fatigue mat has been beneficial to offer insulation from cold floors, prevent slips or trips and keep me comfortable, increasing productivity."

As does Sherry Morgan, Founder of Petsolino:

"Ever since I started working from home I have found it beneficial to use anti-fatigue mats along with standing desks when working. 

"I've been using anti-fatigue mats for almost two years now and mainly use them in my home office.

"Using one makes it less tiring for me to keep on standing up. I love how it relieves stress from my feet and legs compared to when I stand on bare hardwood floors. I also love the sections where I can relax and stretch the arches of my feet. Having this as part of my work set-up is a game-changer for me."

Scott McKinney, Head of Marketing at Debt Bombshell, has noticed a reduction in back pain:

"I like to use a standing desk when I'm working, and recently I've incorporated an anti-fatigue mat into my set-up. This was mainly done in order to help reap the full benefits of a standing desk, such as improved posture and reduced back pain, but I've been pleasantly surprised with the results so far! I've been using it for about two months now, and during those two months I've often had to pull long hours at work. An anti-fatigue mat definitely helped make a significant difference and provided much-needed comfort during those hours."

No surprises really – the anti-fatigue mats are doing exactly what they are designed to do for these standing desk users: providing comfort and musculoskeletal relief when standing for long hours. It is interesting that many of the comments from these industry leaders make reference to being more focused and productive – taking away the slightest discomfort can have a profound effect on being able to focus on the task at hand.

Brian Kelso, CEO and Founder of BSK Data and Electricals, has to stand and present in lengthy meetings quite often and found that he was developing joint aches and pains. He now stands on anti-fatigue matting when he meets with clients:

"I have to stand for hours and explain each and every thing to the client. It has been beneficial for me to use those mats. My knee and joint pains have reduced and also it has given me relief from standing in a posture without any movements. It really has good benefits and I have suggested it to my colleagues also to use the mats."

Scott Hasting, Co-Founder of Betworthy, goes even further – he has all of his sales personnel and clients standing up wherever and whenever possible. To make things more comfortable for everyone while they stand, Betworthy have deployed anti-fatigue matting around all of their discussion tables:

"Our company provides sports betting software and solutions so most of the positions in our company are customer-facing. Although our sales associates sometimes visit our clients, most of the time walk-in customers arrive at our office for a discussion on what we offer them.

"This is where anti-fatigue mats come in. For each of our discussion tables, we have anti-fatigue mats to help our employees and customers feel more comfortable while the discussion is ongoing.

"Since we value physical health we prefer our clients and associates standing. We also think this promotes higher cognitive and memory functions, hence our company enforces this standing discussion. This becomes hard when there are many customers, that is why we have these anti-fatigue mats.

"Personally, I think these mats have helped us feel less pain and pressure while standing for long hours, compared to when we were not using them.’"

Kathleen Ahmmed, Co-Founder of USCarJunker, believes that anti-fatigue mats have not only helped with productivity and reducing sick days, but they have helped with the culture of the company:

"We recently began to make use of anti-fatigue mats, because it was not too long ago when some of our staff members were having to take time off work because of back and neck problems from sitting and bending at their desks for extended periods of time.

"It is for this reason that we purchased a number of ergonomic desks that allow some of our staff to work while standing, and with those desks we also included anti-fatigue mats, which have been helping them to stand comfortably for longer without risk of excessive strain.

"Needless to say, it has actually led to reduced absenteeism caused by sick days, more productivity in the office, as well as a more motivated and satisfied workforce, which has been especially critical for us to maintain a positive company culture."

Industrial users benefit too

Of course, anti-fatigue mats are not restricted to those of us who are confined to the office. Many industrial businesses feel the benefits too. After all, if you had to stand all day on a production line, for example, you would want to be as comfortable as possible.

Industrial Anti-Fatigue Mat

Emily Cooper, Founder and General Director of Oliver Wicks, has laid anti-fatigue matting in her stockroom and never looked back:

"We’ve tried using anti-fatigue mats in our stockroom. Our company’s employees have found using anti-fatigue mats useful, as they reduce strain on their legs when working for long hours. Investing in the mats is worth it and recommended for people who spend most of their day just standing in one area."

Ryan Yount is the Founder of LuckLuckGo, and he had big productivity problems as well as a noticeable number of employee absences that were down to ongoing aches and pains:

"We have used anti-fatigue mats for three years now. We started using them after discovering our employees were not feeling comfortable at work and were dealing with aches and pains daily. It made them less productive because people tend to be distracted by how they feel, and standing uses up to 20% more energy, which means they tire quickly.

"[Using anti-fatigue mats has] been beneficial to our company because it has increased employees' working morale. Employee absenteeism has been reduced because they now experience no joint and muscle pain, which used to make them miss some work days. Also, it has increased their productivity as they can now work for longer hours without the need to take long breaks."

In conclusion

You can see from those comments that people working in different industries all around the world are making use of anti-fatigue mats to reduce absenteeism and improve productivity. Any time you, your staff or even your customers and clients need to stand up for any significant period, you can make it a better experience for them (and a boost to the company) by providing anti-fatigue mats.