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A guide to Workbench Worktop Materials

When walking into any workshop, one of the first things you expect to see is a workbench. Whether it's electronics or engineering, workbenches are very important pieces of equipment that allow people to go about their daily tasks.

If you are on the hunt for a workbench, but you aren’t sure which worktop would be best suited for your job, then keep reading our handy guide to find out.

Why is the worktop surface type important?

Each job that is undertaken carries a certain amount of risk with it, and choosing the right workbench worktop for that job can help to reduce this risk.

For example, electrical work should be carried out on an anti-static workbench surface to prevent static electricity from building up and causing damage.

Choosing the right workbench worktop can also save you money in the long run. If you choose a surface that is not particularly suited to your work environment, the risk of it becoming worn down or damaged is much higher. This would mean having to fork out for a new workbench in a few years' time which is something nobody really wants to be doing.

What are the different workbench worktops available?

 Laminate Worktops

Cantilever Workbench with Laminate Worktop

This is a great all-round option that is suited to a wide range of applications. They are very easy to clean and are resistant to a wide range of spills, including water, oil, and many chemicals.

Hard-wearing and cost-effective, a laminate worktop surface is one of the most common options found in many workplaces around the UK. 

Ideal for: All general purpose use, including most workshops.




Solid Wood Worktops

Cantilever Workbench with Solid Wood Worktop

This worktop is extremely hard-wearing and durable, and very will likely stand the test of time no matter how much it is used over the years.

Solid wood provides supreme durability and is also very heavy-duty, so it can hold hefty loads securely.

Ideal for: Woodwork, joinery, carving and schools/colleges.





Steel Worktops

Steel Workshop Workbench with Drawer

Ultra tough and very strong, steel worktops are ideal for demanding and intensive jobs. They benefit from being non-corrosive and are very easy to clean and sanitise after use.

Steel worktops are also hard-wearing and sturdy and can carry large loads securely.

Ideal for: Catering, pharmaceutical and medical industries as well as general purpose use.





MFC – Melamine-faced chipboard

Assembly Workbench with MFC Worktop

Manufactured with thick carcass panels, MFC is the ideal worktop surface for lightweight and more general use. Although MFC is hard-wearing, it can become chipped easily, which is why it is more suited to light-duty jobs. 

However, MFC is cost-effective, long-lasting and very safe to use.

Ideal for: General purpose and light duty use, including schools and other teaching facilities.




Lino Worktops

General Purpose 400kg Capacity Workbench with Lino Worktop

An environmentally friendly option, Lino is renowned for being made from natural materials, which makes it very sustainable.

It is also naturally anti-static and prevents the build-up of static electricity whilst also being very easy to clean as it naturally prevents dust from building up.

Ideal for: Industrial and warehouse use, such as on packing tables.





ESD (Lamstat and Neostat) Worktops

Anti-Static ESD Workbench with Lamstat Worktop 150cm Wide

This option is by far the most popular in any place where electronics are handled. The anti-static properties on either a rubberised or laminate surface prevent static build-up of electricity, which could cause damage to the electrical items that are being worked on. 

They can be cleaned with water and mild soap, which makes them durable and long-lasting if taken care of correctly.

Ideal for: Vocational schools, production lines, laboratories and control rooms.


Polyethylene Worktops

This work surface is made from durable plastic and is ideal for environments requiring a low friction worktop.

Manufactured from medium-density fibre, this option is resistant to stains and is very easy to clean.

Ideal for: Craft studios, workshops and educational environments.


We hope that you have found this overview of workbench worktops to be of use. Click here to view our full range of workbenches.

If you have any questions regarding any of our workbenches or any other product from our website, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly customer support team.

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