Anti-Fatigue Mats with Yellow Edge

What are Anti-Fatigue Mats?

Anti-Fatigue mats are floor mats which are specially designed to reduce fatigue and joint or muscle pains when standing in one position for a prolonged duration of time. Jobs that require workers to constantly stand such as welding, mechanical construction, production line operatives and warehouse fulfillers can greatly benefit from these types of mats, that are scientifically proven to increase morale, efficiency and the work rate of employees.

The Yellow Safety Border

Some industrial anti-fatigue mats will have a high visibility yellow safety border around the edges of the mat. This border can either refer to the striped variant with corresponding black stipes or just a single yellow border. Highlighting the edges of the mat is critical in larger operations and areas with poor lighting as it acts as a visual indication to workers of where the edges of the mat are, further helping to prevent unnecessary accidents. For many people, opting for an anti-fatigue mat with a yellow border is simply a case of preference chosen by the operations or health and safety managers specifying the mats.

Our Mats with Yellow Safety Borders

If you are interested within purchasing a yellow edged anti-fatigue mat for your working environment, below are a few of our recommendations ideal for both dry and wet production spaces, available in various sizes.

AtEase Pebble Safety Mat - Black & Yellow Non-Slip Mat

tEase Pebble Safety Mat - Black & Yellow Non-Slip Mat

Our AtEase Pebble Safety Mat is suitable for dry industrial areas such as packaging bays and machine control panel stands. Finished with a pebble textured surface, this low-profile mat offers great anti-fatigue properties provided by millions of air bubbles in the microcellular base as well as decent slip and wear resistance.

The AtEase safety mat sizes start at 60cm x 90cm and can be ordered in custom lengths from 60cm, 90cm and 120cm rolls.

  • Custom Lengths
  • Low to Medium Duty
  • Dry Area Usage
  • Foam and Vinyl Construction
  • Low Cost Option

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Supreme Scrape Anti-Fatigue Safety Mat

Supreme Scrape Anti-Fatigue Safety Mat

For complete oil, anti-fatigue and slip resistance our Supreme Scrape mat is the ultimate heavy-duty all-purpose anti-fatigue matting. Complete with a bevelled safety edge, gripper backing and swarf catcher surface; our Supreme Scrape is encapsulated in 100% nitrile rubber – providing complete oil resistance and long-lasting durability.

The semi-modular design and properties of the mat allow for multiple pieces to be joined together like a jigsaw, ideal for both big and small areas.

  • Heavy Duty Mat
  • Oil and Grease Resistant
  • Interlocking Options Available
  • Durable and Hard-Wearing


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DiamondFoam Safety Mat - Black & Yellow Non-Slip Mat

DiamondFoam Safety Mat - Black & Yellow Non-Slip Mat

Sporting the popular diamond patterned surface, this fire-resistant PVC mat roll is suited perfectly for ramps, walkways and long assembly lines where safety and performance are critical.

Available as individual mats and long runners in custom sizes, DiamondFoam offers excellent anti-fatigue and wear resistance in dry areas.

  • Great value matting
  • Medium to High-Duty Usage
  • Custom Lengths
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Diamond Pattern Surface


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TextureMat Safety Anti-Fatigue Mat with Safety Border

TextureMat Safety Anti-Fatigue Mat with Safety Border

For lighter industrial and commercial areas, our TextureMat’s fine pebbled surface provides great anti-fatigue levels at a reasonable price.

The safety borders are bevelled to lay flat and flush into any dry area flooring with the low 9mm profile helping to prevent any trips or accidents.

  • Low Profile Mat
  • Flame Resistant
  • Standard and Custom Lengths
  • Low Cost Mat
  • Popular Choice

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DiamondTexture Anti-Fatigue Safety Mat

DiamondTexture Anti-Fatigue Safety Mat

Covered with the iconic diamond patterned texture, DiamondTexture mats enhance underfoot grip providing a versatile and robust option – simulating blood circulation and reducing the pressure in the leg joints and spine.

The low profile 9mm closed cell PVC construction is self-extinguishing, with bevelled yellow safety bevelled edges and is available in custom lengths – ideal for any dry indoor production, machinery and manufacturing lines. 

  • Fire Resistant
  • Low Profile
  • Medium Duty Mat
  • Custom Length Options
  • Diamond Plate Finish

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If you need an anti-fatigue mat to mark off busy and hazardous areas, then anti-fatigue mats with safety borders are an ideal solution for your facility. View the full range of anti-fatigue mats, and feel free to request for a free sample of any of the mats mentioned on this guide.

Why First Mats?

First Mats UK supply only the highest quality range matting and floor solutions to some of the best and biggest companies including the BBC, DHL, Debenhams’s and South West Water. This includes heavy-duty industrial floor mats to domestic mats for homes and hotels from specialist leisure matting for gyms and spas.

An extensive range – Offering greater choices

Unique rating system – Showing you the strengths of each mat

Detailed product info – Helping you to make an informed purchase

Fast deliveries – With options for International services

Free samples – See and feel the mats before purchasing

Custom Sizes – Mats in a size that suits you

Our priorities at First Mats are, and always will be to provide quality matting for your safety:

Quality – Every mat we supply is sourced from an established and reputable manufacturer, who are ISO accredited to ensure that the mats are constructed to the highest standards possible. Because of this, you can be assured that any mat your purchase from us will stand the test of time.

Safety – The greatest value that any mat can offer to its user is safety. Our range of entrance mats will remove dirt and water from shoes, keeping floors clean and dry, whereas the Industrial matting protects users against the very real hazards they face every working day.

When selecting mats for our range, these are our first considerations. But we also work tirelessly to ensure that they are available at competitive prices, to make sure you don’t spend more than you need to, and that we can offer any information required to help you purchase with confidence.

Yellow-Edged Anti-Fatigue Mats