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Our Best Outdoor Door Mats

Are you in need of an outdoor door mat, perhaps for outside your office building, retail store, or simply to use outside your home? Outdoor Door Mats can be a great investment as they help to keep your floors clean by keeping dirt and mud outside.

You may be tempted to purchase a similar design to your indoor mat. Perhaps for uniformity or simply for convenience. After all, it seems to do the job well, right? 

Wrong. Indoor mats are not suitable for use outdoors, as they are often made from absorbent cotton or synthetic fibres, meaning they will not fare well outdoors, and will certainly not last long in weathered conditions.  

Not to worry, though! We are here to help you, with our 5 exclusive best picks for outdoor door mats. They are designed with high quality rubber, which is naturally hard wearing and provides fantastic grip - ideal for use outside of buildings.

Keep reading for our exclusive 5 best picks for outdoor door mats:


Dirt Trap Fingertip Outdoor Door Mat

DirtTrap Rubber Door Mat

If you are looking for a mat to keep the outside dirt and mud out from your home or office, look no further. This DirtTrap door mat is designed with soft rubber needles, working to gently brush away and trap the dirt and debris from outside and protecting your indoor flooring from spoilage. In a choice of 4 sizes, we have the right mat to suit your outdoor area. 

  • Excellent for brushing off dirt and debris
  • Available in four sizes
  • Ideal for the home & office


Entra Mat Outdoor Rubber Door Mat

EntraGuard Rubber Door Mat with Holes

Our EntraGuard rubber mat features a pattern of holes which helps to both drain water and to scrape away dirt, mud and stones from shoes, helping to keep the entrance dry, safe and clear. This mat is ideal for use in rural areas, as the pattern may not be suitable for animals. Please note that this mat is not wheelchair friendly.

  • Excellent for scraping away dirt, mud and stones
  • Great value for money
  • Available in two standard sizes


RubberScrape Outdoor Door Mat

RubberScrape Anti-Slip Rubber Door Mat

Our premium design RubberScrape anti-slip mat is designed from high quality nitrile rubber, which effectively scrapes away dirt and debris whilst also offering resistance to oils and grease, ensuring a dry, flat and secure surface - ideal for wheelchair access. The anti-slip design is ideal for use outside shops, pharmacies, or any public space offering wheelchair access. 

  • Designed from high quality nitrile rubber
  • Ideal for entrances allowing for wheelchair access 
  • Available in four standard sizes


AssuredScraper Rubber Door Mat

Assured-Scraper Anti-Slip Rubber Scraper Matting

If a strong and secure grip is what you require, look no further than our Assured-Scraper mat. Made from premium quality non-slip nitrile rubber, our Assured-Scraper mat provides excellent grip, even in wet and oily conditions. The surface design features multiple raised bumps, which each have their own bumps for added texture and grip. It has a very low profile (5mm height), making it ideal for wheelchair access. 

  • Our bestselling mat 
  • Made from premium quality nitrile rubber
  • Available in five sizes 
  • Wheelchair friendly


Mats to Avoid 

Now that you have seen our top picks for outdoor entrance mats, here is a quick reminder of what to look for when shopping for outdoor matting:

Standard entrance mats should not be used outdoors, as they are usually made from cotton materials, and are designed to absorb excess moisture. If these mats are used outside, they can become sodden and useless very quickly - losing their grip and becoming slippery.


FAQ - "Can I use Coir Matting outdoors?" 

Unfortunately, our Coir Matting is not suitable for outdoor use. This is because they are designed with PVC backing, which is great for fitting into mat-wells but does not allow for drainage. If you are looking for a coir mat to use outdoors, look for one within a rubber base which features good sized drainage holes, allowing both for a secure grip and to keep water, mud and debris free from entrance ways.