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Best Ways to Boost Grip on Walkways

The most common type of accident in the United Kingdom is the slip, trip or fall. Whether this is weather-related (snow, ice, tracked in rain or mud) or just because of the type of floor you have, reducing these accidents is crucial to keeping staff, visitors and customers safe. 

Thankfully, there are some super simple, highly effective products out there to help. Here are some of our favourites:

Fine ribbed rubber matting

Rubber matting

Rubber matting is a fantastically easy-to-use solution to slippery floors. These mats are available in a range of finishes, with different sizes of ribbing, studding or chequer plate to give great grip even when wet. 

Extremely durable and hard-wearing, rubber matting can be cut to shape and size to fit your exact requirements. Installation is easy – you can choose between laying it loose or sticking it down. Maintenance and cleaning are also no problem, simply rinse down with a hose or pressure washer.

You can use high-visibility yellow matting to encourage staff and visitors to stay on track, and one of the great things about this kind of product is that if there are stains or imperfections on your floor, they can be covered up with no problem.





Anti-slip tape

Want to make staircases, slopes and ramps safer? Anti-slip tape is the product for you. Cost-effective and easy to install, this is a super easy way of not only improving traction in danger spots but also drawing attention to potential hazards.

Indoor versions of this tape can be used to great effect on high traffic staircases like those in schools, busy offices and shopping centres. The external version is more robust, designed to last through the seasons, and is commonly used in loading bays, ramps, steps and even boats and jetties/pontoons.

Installation is as simple as cleaning the surface properly and then sticking the strip where you need extra grip. Choose the tape colour that suits your requirements – whether that is a subtle finish or a high-vis hazard marker.




GRP anti-slip matting

GRP anti-slip matting is great in both wet and dry environments. The moisture resistance on these mats makes them well suited to entryways, slopes, wheelchair ramps, steps and even roof areas. The coating is made from a densely-packed grit, which gives it the high-grip surface these areas need as well as a reliable, long-lasting and durable finish.








Anti-slip paint

Larger areas with concrete, asphalt or paved floors can be high risk when it comes to slips and trips. Covering large areas like warehouses, distribution centres, factories and garages in matting can be costly and impractical, but fortunately there is a solution.

Anti-slip paint contains fine quartz granules, which provide a long-lasting grippy surface, even in high-traffic industrial areas. Easy to install with a brush or a roller, these paints are super durable and allow for easy sweeping and mopping as part of general site maintenance.






Salt / Grit

We’re all familiar with salt and grit. Largely unnoticed throughout the majority of the year, those yellow boxes become life-savers in the winter. If you’ve got a customer or staff car park, walkway or just a shop front, salt and grit should be part of your winter arsenal.

White de-icing salt, in particular, is a great solution for customer-facing businesses. This kind of de-icer melts snow or ice extremely quickly – and, importantly, it does not leave any residue. Spread it out before you open up in the morning (or last thing at night for a pre-emptive attack), and your shop/business front will look immaculate before you know it.

Make sure that any de-icing salt that you use conforms to BS 3247:2011, the British Standard for de-icing salt, so you can be sure that it is top quality and highly effective.





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