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Black Door Mats


--> Black door mats are one of the most popular choices for entrance matting colours as their cool dark appearance is great at hiding dirt and stains as well as fitting into any home or office décor.

With so many mats on the market, choosing the best one for you can seem difficult, so if you are looking to buy now or are considering purchasing a black door mat in the future, we have put together a list a few of our best-selling Black Door Mats along with their own unique features and benefits:

PremDry – Heavy Duty Black Door Mat

PremDry Heavy Duty Black Door Mat

The PremDry is our premium grade floor mat with a raised “waffle” pattern making it hugely effective against dirt and moisture, providing long-lasting defence against wet and dirty floors.

Ideal for heavy-duty applications and high volumes of foot traffic, the PremDry is available in three custom sizes with the option to have 5 different colour finishes, including black, to perfectly suit your needs. This is a popular mat for commercial and public areas such as schools, libraries and busy offices.

Prices from £28.95

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Renew - 100% Recycled Black Door Mat

RenewMat Large Black Door Mat

The RenewMat is not only a sentiment of our environmentally friendly values, but also provides great performance at a competitive price point. Made from 100% recycled content, the polyester carpet surface started life as discarded plastic bottles and is now transformed into the raised waffle carpet of the mat - effectively scraping dirt from shoes before entering a building.

The rubber backing of this mat is also made entirely from recycled rubber tyres that actively helps to prevent slips, trips and falls – keeping the mat into place and firmly on the ground. Ready to buy in 3 standard sizes, the RenewMat has the option of either a Black, Brown, Grey or Red finish and can be purchased for as little as £28.95

Prices starting from £28.95

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EntryBrush- Made to Measure Black Door Mat

EntryBrush Black Door Mat

With EntryBrush, the low-profile PVC base keeps the mat profile low, with sustained wear and slip resistance making it perfect areas with low to medium levels of foot traffic. As the name suggests, the EntryBrush acts as a heavy-duty sweeping brush for your feet, discarding any loose debris and dirt from the soles of your shoes with excellent soil resistance and a low 7.5mm profile.

Starting at only £18.95, the EntryBrush is a great value entrance mat and is available in a choice of five different colours with various standard and custom sizes.

Prices starting from £18.95

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CottonAbsorb Washable Black Door Mat

 CottonAbsorb Washable Black Door Mat

With a fibre covering made from 80% cotton, bonded to a hard-wearing vinyl backing, the CottonAbsorb is one of the best choices when it comes to dirt and moisture absorption. The mat has a very low profile of just 6mm and is fully machine-washable for effortless maintenance.

CottonAbsorb is available in 3 colours including Charcoal, and in a standard 60cm x 90cm size. Starting at a budget friendly £16.50, it is the perfect floor companion for any pet owners and people who want to keep their house floor clean and slip free all year round!

Prices from £16.50

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Dura-Plush Black/Grey Fire-Resistant Door Mat

 Dura-Plush Black/Grey Fire-Resistant Door Mat

Dura-Plush is your standard long-lasting high-performance entrance mat equipped with a firm anti-slip PVC backing, fire resistance and an UV resistant hard-wearing polyamide carpet surface, ideal for indoor environments. Fire Resistant materials are an essential requirement for communal living areas, so Dura-Plush is a popular choice in flats and for landlords and property owners alike.

Available in three standard size and colours, including a mottled Black and Grey, the Dura-Plush Fire-Resistant Door Mat starts from £29.50.

Prices from £29.50

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Easy Clean Machine Washable Door Mat

Easy Clean Machine Washable Door Mat

The Easy Clean is our super absorbent entrance mat that excels in retaining moisture from footwear and allows you to fully clean the mat without any chemical pre-treatments and detergents, reducing environmental footprint of the mat.
Made from super absorbent microfibre plush, with a high-quality anti slip PVC backing, the luxurious soft pile comes in Black, Brown, Purple and Beige. Our Easy Clean mat is also machine washable at 30 degrees for ease of maintenance.

Prices from £19.99

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Black Coir Matting Roll - 17mm Height

Black Coir Matting

Made from 100% Natural Coir Fibres, our black coir matting is the best of the best when it comes to dirt and moisture retention while impressing visitors with a sleek black appearance. Backed by PVC, the mat stays firmly into place and can either be loose-laid or placed into a mat recess or well without edge binding for complete flexibility on how you choose to place the mat.
As well as 3 standard sizes, the Black Coir Matting can be cut to any length you need from 2 different widths and is able to be cut with a Stanley knife to fit perfectly around corners.

Prices from £29.40 (£0.85/cm for custom sizes)

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Why First Mats?

First Mats has one of the best and biggest selections of black door mats available for the best quality and lowest prices within the county. Combined with our expert industry knowledge and lifetime customer support, we can help find the perfect mat for you with deep consideration for your environment, application and foot traffic for the mat.

Samples are available for all Black Door Mats, so please contact us to request one for free so that you can get an accurate for the feel and look of the mat before purchasing.

Our range of Mats is growing all the time, so if you can’t see what you’re looking for on this list then why not head over to to browse our full range.

Note: Prices correct at time of publication and exclude VAT. Free carriage applies to orders over £50


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