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Brown Door Mats

With their subtle, earthy tones, brown door mats continue to be a popular choice for many users. The neutral colour blends in to almost any décor and is great at hiding dirt and moisture within the carpet pile. Below we will explore some of our best selling brown matting options from our vast collection.

Why Choose Brown as a Mat Colour?

As mentioned before, brown door mats are masters at hiding moisture and dirty footprints from the sight of visitors, and they look fashionable on a wide variety of floors. Not too dark nor not too light, the brown pantones used predominately for matting, trigger a sense of traditionalism and simplicity without drawing too much attention away from the core focus of the environment.

Brown matting is most often found in pubs, museums, country homes and estates, some public walkways and homes and are one of the most popular colour choices for matting next to Grey, Black, Red and Beige.

If you're looking for naturally coloured materials, then coir matting is a fantastic product but we also have a range of rubber and vinyl backed mats, a selection of which can be found below; 

RenewMat Brown

RenewMat - 100% Recycled Brown Door Mat

Made entirely from recycled plastic and rubber tyres, RenewMat is an environmentally friendly product that has amazing hard-wearing qualities, allowing it to thrive in medium to high footfall entrances with ease. The excellent crush resistance of the polyester carpet combined with complete UV and Fade Resistance makes RenewMat an ideal brown floor mat for your busy office or household.

  • 100% Recycled Materials
  • UV and Fade Resistant
  • Sizes from 60cm x 90cm to 120cm x 180cm
  • Height: 10mm

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    TrafficGuard Brown Door Mat

    TrafficGuard - 7mm Low Profile Door Mat

    Backed with non-slip PVC and coated with vibrantly dyed polypropylene fibres, TrafficGuard provides good water retention, soil resistance and crush protection – allowing wheeled traffic to pass through and enter the premises unrestricted.  This medium volume mat can be purchased in Brown, Red or Grey and in a choice of three different sizes.

    • Strong PVC backing attached to polypropylene fibres
    • Vibrant colour selection
    • Ideal for wheeled traffic and available in large variations

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      PremDry Brown Door Mat

      PremDry - Rubber Backed Brown Door Mat

      Another commercial-grade door mat on the list, PremDry, which just like the RenewMat is finished with a reinforced but highly-effective waffle design that is great at scraping away dirt and keeping floors dry with an array of moisture retention features.  The full rubber backing locks the mat down into place complete with lipped edges to further enhance durability and moisture retention. Soaking up an impressive 5.4 litres of water per square meter, PremDry is available in a classic Oak-style brown in sizes measuring up to 115cm x 175cm.

      • Waffle pattern scrapes away dirt and moisture with great crush protection
      • Lipped edges help maintain moisture retention – 5.4 litres per square meter
      • Low profile 7mm height ideal for public buildings such as schools, hospitals, etc.

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        Pro-Wash Machine Washable Mat

        Pro-Wash Machine Washable Door Mat

        One of the latest contenders for water absorbency, Pro-Wash is a UV resistant low-profile machine washable door mat coated in a hard-wearing waterproof nitrile rubber base.  Pro-Wash can hold up to 3.5 litres of moisture along with 800g of dust and dirt per square meter, with the option to easily place the mat in a low 30 degrees, machine washing cycle.

        • Slip resistant nitrile rubber waterproof backing
        • UV/ Fade Resistant
        • Ideal for heavy foot traffic in commercial and domestic areas

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            HardyChannel Ribbed Entrance Mat

            HardyChannel - Ribbed Door Mat

            As part of our growing range of fire-resistant products, HardyChannel is a fully ribbed PVC and polypropylene mat with a Euroclass EN 13501-1 fire resistance certificate. Effortless to upkeep by vacuuming and easy on the eye, HardyChannel is an ideal option for any flat owners and tenants that want a brown mat that looks great without creating health and safety issues.

            • Reinforced ribbed surface for dirt prevention and durability
            • Fire resistance to Euroclass EN 13501-1
            • Solid PVC backing and polypropylene fibres

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              Easy Clean Machine Washable Mat

              EasyClean - Machine Washable Door Mat

              For your simple no-nonsense floor mat, EasyClean has you covered.  Like all good quality door mats, it stops dirt, grime and moisture entering your apartment with the ultra-absorbent microfibres attached into a highly durability slip-resistant PVC backing. The soft luxurious pile is easy to clean that you don’t even need to do it yourself. Any 30-degree washing cycle will do and make the mat as good as new after a complete airdry.

              • Sturdy PVC backing attached to absorbent microfibres
              • Machine washable low-profile mat measuring 8mm high
              • Ideal for indoor houses and flat entrances

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                  Why buy Brown Door Mats from Us?

                  With our large collection of brown mats available in different shades, profiles and sizes, we guarantee that you will find the perfect option for your home, business, apartment, corridor, mat-well and more.

                  The existing customers of First Mats include well known organisations such as the BBC, Debenhams, DHL, Cummins and many universities and schools.

                  If you ever want a free sample or need any dedicated support, our team of industry-driven experts will provide clear, useful advice to aid your buying option in the best possible way.


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