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Hotel Entrance Mats & Flooring

Hotels are renowned for their luxurious settings, exquisite furnishings and attentive service. Guests expect the highest standards throughout but, if the floor mats are of a poor quality, this will result in a poor first impression for anyone entering the building. Regardless of whether you operate a small Bed and Breakfast, an independent hotel or international chain of 5-star hotels, choosing the right floor mats is critical to maintain high standards of safety, cleanliness and customer satisfaction.

Hotel Entrance Mats

First impressions start at the entrance, so choosing a mat that looks and feels as good as its luxurious surroundings is key. For smaller boutique hotels or B&B's, Coir Matting is a popular choice due to it's natural homely colours, but will wear out quickly in busy entrances. Not only does the mat need to look great, it must also be able to perform brilliantly to keep the surrounding floors clean and dry. Fortunately, at First Mats there are many entrance mats available that can meet these needs.

Logo Mats

Holiday Inn Hotel Logo Mat

If you really want to show off your brand, then why not use a custom logo mat in the entrance? Each mat is created to order making it truly unique. You can choose from over 60 colours to ensure that the mat reflects the true colours of your brand in almost any size you need. The logo mats combine high definition printing quality with excellent absorption properties making it a great addition to any hotel lobby.

Mat Well Tiles

Mat-Well Tiles

For hotels that enjoy a continuous stream of guests, a permanent matting solution may be worth considering. There are two tile systems available from First Mats which quickly lock together to cover large areas. The advantages of these for hotels is that they are fixed into position so will not move about, they are able to support wheeled traffic, and their flush finish which prevents trip accidents from happening. See these and our other fitted mat options here

Commercial Grade Barrier Mats

Barrier Mats for Hotels

Barrier mats are one of the best ways to protect a floor from water and dirt that visitors bring in to the building. They are made in the same way as regular loose lay equivalents but are much longer in length which makes them far more effective. Their size means that guests must take several steps whilst on the mat, allowing it to capture more of the grime and dirt compared with smaller mats. For hotel lobbies and receptions, see our EntraMat which can be cut to any length from our 1m and 2m width rolls with optional rubber edging.

Loose-Lay Hotel Entrance Mats

Easy-Clean Machine Washable Hotel Mat

Although a permanent matting solution should be used whenever possible, sometimes it is good to supplement these with loose lay mats, especially in severe weather conditions. For these situations, our AquaProtect is almost unbeatable thanks to its sturdy rubber base and incredible moisture absorption properties. It is also crush resistant so that it can withstand a regular stream of traffic. For other parts of the hotel, such as the guest rooms, a more luxurious mat will be better suited. Our Easy Clean Machine Washable Mat, for example, features a luxuriously soft microfibre pile that feels comfortable underfoot. It is also machine washable making it easy to keep it looking clean and new.

Outdoor Entrance Mat

DirtTrap Rubber Entrance Mat

If you have a hotel based in a rural area, you may find that dirt and mud are more of a problem than for those based in cities. One of the best ways to counter the problem is by using a mat outside the building too. Our rubber outdoor door mats feature thousands of small fingers on the surface which are fantastic at removing dirt and debris before ever entering the building. It is also one of our best selling and highest rates mats by customers.


Wet Area Hotel Mats

Wet Area Hotel Mats

For some hotels, the entrance isn’t the only place where you may find our floor mats. Many hotels provide leisure facilities such as swimming pools and spas, which bring their own challenges. Wet floors around the pool and in the changing rooms can be very hazardous, not to mention unhygienic. In our range of Wet Room Mats you can find options that include interlocking tiles, long runs as well as individual mats, each designed specifically to protect guests from the dangers of wet floors. Our wet area mats are also available in a choice of colours, allowing you to select a product that complements the surrounding colour schemes.


Hotel Reception Mats

Marble Top Anti-Fatigue Mat

Many of the hotel workers will spend much of the working day on their feet, including receptionists. The front of house staff often remain in fairly static positions which puts them at greater risk of health concerns such as joint problems, muscle aches and fatigue. Anti-Fatigue mats can be deployed to help counter these problems and our Marble Top Anti-Fatigue Mats also look far more suited to hotel areas than their industrial counterparts. They can be purchased as small mats for individuals or long runs up to 18.3m long.


Whether it’s a small boutique hotel, an internationally recognised chain or even a glamping site, using the best floor mats can make a positive difference to the guest’s experience and perception of their stay. Great floors mats that absorb dirt and water also reduce the amount of cleaning required so consider mats as an investment rather than an expense.

For more information about any of our mats or if you have any questions, please get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to assist you.