ESD Anti-Fatigue Mats

ESD Mats (aka Anti-Static Mats) are designed to prevent sudden electrostatic discharges by absorbing and grounding electrical charges that could otherwise damage sensitive electrical equipment or even ignite flammable gasses and liquids.

Some of the mats available offer an additional benefit, in that they double up as Anti-Fatigue Mats. This means a more comfortable surface for workers to stand on which will reduce fatigue, joint pain and muscle aches.

At First Mats, we currently offer three styles of ESD Anti-Fatigue Mat and below you can find a summary of each type.


StatMat Anti-Fatigue

StatMat - PVC Foam Anti-Static Matting Roll

The lowest cost ESD Anti-Fatigue Mat is our StatMat. Made from Closed Cell PVC Foam, the StatMat provides great comfort for its users whilst also providing protection from ESD.

It is ideal for light to medium usage in dry industrial areas, and features a connecting point for the earthing wires. Choose from either an individual mat with sizes starting from 60cm x 90cm, or you can order longer lengths in any size you need up to 18.3m long from our 90cm wide roll.

This may be our lowest cost ESD Anti-Fatigue Mat, but also represents great value for money and is a popular choice for those looking to buy Anti-Static matting for the first time.

  • 9mm Height
  • Custom Length Options
  • Resistance of 1 x 109Ω to 1 x 1010Ω
  • Fire Retardant to FMVSS302

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Ground Mat Anti-Fatigue

Ground Mat - Oil and Chemical Resistant ESD Matting

If you're looking for a custom length ESD mat, but need something more hard wearing than our StatMat, then our premium Ground Mat will be your perfect choice.

This EPA (Electrostatic Protection Area) approved anti-fatigue mat features a Nitrile Rubber top surface which is resistance to oils and grease making it a fantastic mat for use in industrial environments.

Ground Mat can be ordered in either a standard roll length of 10 metres, ideal for larger work areas, or in a custom length of your choice. Simply enter your desired length in CM and we will deliver the mat cut, complete with a ramped edge to reduce the risk of trips and falls.

The checker plate texture also provides additional slip resistance further improving grip on floors.

  • 10mm Height
  • Custom Length Options
  • Highly durable
  • Oil and Benzine resistant
  • Rp-p and Rg < 1 x 109 ohms tested per IEC 61340-4-1

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PremBubble Anti-StaticPremBubble - Our Premium Bubble Top Anti-Static Mat

For individual workstations we also offer our PremBubble, a premium grade anti-fatigue mat which also protects against ESD.

Constructed from thick polyurethane foam, this mat provides outstanding comfort for users with a bubble top surface for enhanced blood circulation. Inside the mat is a conductive layer which helps to absorb the static charge and safely ground it to earth.

PremBubble is ideal for workstations and is available in two standard sizes, 60cm x 90cm and 90cm x 120cm for larger areas.

This ESD Anti-Fatigue Mat conforms with various standards, including IEC61340-5-1 for resistance and DIN 4102/B2 fire safety.

  • 14mm Height
  • UV Resistant
  • Bubble Top Surface
  • Resistance of 1 x 107Ω to 1 x 109Ω
  • Fire Retardant to DIN 4102/B2

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