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Health and Safety Statistics UK - 2017 to 2018

Each year, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) publishes vital statistics which reveal a snapshot of the Health and Safety at work, including working days lost, fatalities, mental health and the cost to the economy.

By analysing these results, we are able to understand which specific areas are improving and which are getting worse, which can lead to improvements in the overall health and safety at work strategy.

The First Mats range of products is based largely around improving safety in workplaces, so we take a special interest in the health and safety statistics and our analysis of this can be seen below.


Vital Health and Safety Statistics Summary


Number of Work-related ill-health cases

  • 2017 = 1.3m
  • 2018 = 1.4m


Non-fatal injuries to workers

  • 2017 = 0.6m
  • 2018 = 0.6m


Number of working days lost due to work related ill health and non-fatal workplace injuries

  • 2017 = 31.2m
  • 2018 = 30.7m


Work related stress, depression or anxiety cases

  • 2017 = 0.5m
  • 2018 = 0.6m


Work related musculoskeletal disorder cases

  • 2017 = 0.5m
  • 2018 = 0.5m


Deaths caused by Lung Disease (linked with exposures at work)

  • 2017 = 12,000
  • 2018 = 12,000


Fatal injuries to workers

  • 2017 = 137
  • 2018 = 144


Mesothelioma deaths in previous year

  • 2015 = 2,542
  • 2016 = 2,595


Annual cost of work related injuries and all health

  • 2017 = £14.9b
  • 2018 = £15b



The recently published statistics show a somewhat mixed picture. It would appear that overall, our workplaces are not becoming more dangerous but they are also not becoming safer either based on a similar number of fatal and non-fatal injuries.

There does however seem to be an increase in cases of stress and other mental conditions which could be a reflection of the increasing pressures workers need to cope with. More people now work in office based environments rather than factories and other hazardous environments, removing much of the risk of injury, but opening up a new area of stress on our mental health.

See the links below for the original sources of this information, along with posters that can be purchased from the HSE to raise greater awareness in your workplace.




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