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Heavy Duty Door Mats

You may have purchased a cheap door mat from your local discount store or supermarket, only for it to collapse and wear down in a matter of weeks. Our heavy-duty door mats dispel the need of replacing your door mat every month – with high-grade hard-wearing qualities transforming your purchase into a smart long-time investment.

What Type of Heavy Duty Door Mats are Available?

Depending on the intended use and environment, there are many heavy duty door mats for commercial and domestic buildings however most heavy-duty mats are multi-purpose and are not limited to any single area. Below is a breakdown of the categories:

Domestic - Our domestic range of heavy-duty products is geared towards homeowners or any customers that want quality long-lasting flooring solutions that blend it and complement with any home décor with fantastic results.

Commercial –  Our commercial catalogue of products is for any professional business that needs assured long lasting results for commercial and office entrances.  Our high-duty commercial matting has excellent crush resistance, hard-wearing backings and great overall floor coverage.

Heavy Door Mats Buying Guide

If you are still wondering on which mat to choose from our vast selection, below is a buying guide – comparing some of our most popular and best-selling heavy-duty mats.

For Domestic Use

Pro-Wash Machine Washable Mat

Pro-Wash Machine Washable Door Mat

Providing great all-round performance, the tufted nylon/polyester Pro-Wash is fully machine washable – ideal for any busy household. Made for indoor use, the weighted nitrile rubber backed mat comes in Blue, Red, Brown and Grey with complete UV and fade resistance. 

An added benefit is that Pro-Wash is machine washable at 30 degrees, just bear in mind that mats larger than 60cm x 90cm will be too large for a domestic machine.

  • Height: 9mm
  • Sizes: From 60cm x 85cm to 115cm x 175cm
  • Colours: Blue, Red, Brown, Grey

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PremDry Heavy Duty Door Mat

PremDry Indoor Door Mat

There are many reasons why PremDry is one of our most popular mats. The rubber backing makes it strong and durable whilst providing excellent grip against whatever surface it is placed on. The rubber backing also forms a sturdy bevelled edge which prevents edges from splitting.

Above this is a plush pile of polypropylene fibres which can soak up to 5.4 litres of water per square metre, with a raised waffle pattern to help remove more dirt as well.

  • Height: 7mm
  • Sizes: From 60cm x 90cm to 115cm x 175cm
  • Colours: Black, Blue, Red, Brown, Grey

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AquaProtect Super Absorbent Mat

AquaProtect Super Absorbent Door Mat

Constructed with decalon fibres fixed to a tough rubber mat base, AquaProtect has excellent dirt trapping qualities, crush resistance and moisture retention for  homes and buildings with heavy foot traffic. It has similar properties to the PremDry, but the extra thick 10.5mm high “waffle pattern” enables it to absorb an impressive 6 litres of water per square metre.

  • Height: 10.5mm
  • Sizes: From 60cm x 90cm to 120cm x 180cm
  • Colours: Blue, Red, Brown, Charcoal, Green

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For Commercial Use

AquaProtect Plus Door Mat

AquaProtect Plus - Ultimate Heavy Duty Door Mat

The AquaProtect Plus Heavy-Duty Door Mat is a stylish and high performance indoor mat that features a remarkable raised ‘waffle’ design that makes it well suited to coping with dirt and moisture in high traffic environments. Anti-microbial treated, the mat provides an exceptionally high level of protection from outside grime and debris - also designed for easy cleaning and maintenance.

  • Height: 13mm
  • Sizes: From 60cm x 85cm to 120cm x 300cm
  • Colours: Blue, Red, Brown, Charcoal, Green

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RenewMat Recycled Door Mat

RenewMat - 100% Recycled Entrance Mat

Made from 100% post-customer waste, the RenewMat reuses plastics and rubber for a great long-term use. The strong, study backing is comprised from recycled rubber tyres while the main polyester plush of the mat is made entirely from old plastic bottles. Because of the hard-wearing properties of these plastics, the RenewMat has amazing wear and crush resistance as well as moisture and soil retention.

  • Height: 10mm
  • Sizes: From 60cm x 90cm to 120cm x 180cm
  • Colours: Black, Blue, Brown, Grey

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RubberScrape Heavy Duty Mat

RubberScrape Indoor and Outdoor Mat

Nitrile Rubber, the same material used in many of our industrial mats, makes up the entirety of the RubberScrape Heavy Duty mat.  The great oil and grease resistance from nitrile rubber is amalgamated with the high moisture retention volume of 2.6 litres per square meter. The bevelled edged mat is fully machine washable and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Height: 6mm
  • Sizes: From 85cm x 75cm to 115cm x 175cm
  • Colours: Black

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If you are willing to spend extra for something truly worthwhile then heavy duty door mats offer excellent value for money when it comes to choosing a mat for your home, office or business. View our full range of Entrance Mats for more information and options.

Why buy Heavy Duty Mats from Us?

First Mats is an industry leading matting provider, supplying high-quality floor mats for industrial, commercial and domestic environments across the UK. 

First Mats UK supply only the highest quality range matting and floor solutions to some of the best and biggest companies including the BBC, DHL, Debenhams’s and South West Water. This includes heavy-duty industrial floor mats to domestic mats for homes and hotels from specialist leisure matting for gyms and spas. 

We offer:

An extensive range – Offering greater choices

Unique rating system – Showing you the strengths of each mat

Detailed product info – Helping you to make an informed purchase

Fast deliveries – With options for International services

Free samples – See and feel the mats before purchasing

Custom Sizes – Mats in a size that suits you


Our priorities at First Mats are, and always will be, to provide quality matting for your safety:

Quality – Every mat we supply is sourced from an established and reputable manufacturer, who are ISO accredited to ensure that the mats are constructed to the highest standards possible. Because of this, you can be assured that any mat your purchase from us will stand the test of time.

Safety – The greatest value that any mat can offer to its user is safety. Our range of entrance mats will remove dirt and water from shoes, keeping floors clean and dry, whereas the Industrial matting protects users against the very real hazards they face every working day.

When selecting mats for our range, these are our first considerations. But we also work tirelessly to ensure that they are available at competitive prices, to make sure you don’t spend more than you need to, and that we can offer any information required to help you purchase with confidence.

 Heavy Duty Door Mats from First Mats UK


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