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How To Get Your Workplace Ready for Winter

Winter is nearly with us, and with it, rain, snow and ice. Sure, there’s lots to look forward to, but not the mess that comes in through the front door on the bottom of our boots!

What’s needed is a way to kick off the mud and slush, and something to keep the ice from forming where there’s heavy foot traffic. Or maybe you need something to keep the ceiling leaks in check, or stay warm despite a cold draught. Well, as you might have guessed, we have lots of products available to solve these problems, and a little advice on how best to get your workplace ready for the worst of what winter can throw at us.

Ice-Fighting Products

The first problem is how to get to the front door without falling over - funny how this gets harder as we age – but that can be cured with a healthy dose of de-icing salt. This is something like the salt councils spread on the road and pavements on cold nights to prevent the formation of ice, but unlike the brown grit used on our roads, our white salt is very clean, so your steps and doorways stay clean too.

Grit Bin Kits

Don’t forget that salt suppliers are obliged to supply local government first, so if there’s a sudden cold snap you may find it’s too late to get any! Stock up early to be certain you’ve got a good supply.

If you have many walkways or outside spaces with foot traffic, you might also consider GRP floor coverings, which are a low-cost way to make steps and walkways instantly safer with a sandpaper-like surface that provides excellent grip in wet and icy conditions.

Making Your Entrance Mats Work

Staff and visitors might now make it past the ice, but before they come through the front door, they should really wipe their feet. An outdoor mat will help stop them tracking snow, mud and dirt inside: the holes will scrape shoes and boots clean and let the muck fall through onto the ground.

Winter Door Mats


Another mat placed inside will catch the rest of the water and dirt, and we advise getting the biggest mat you can – the bigger it is, the more times its stepped on, and the more muck it can capture. A rubber-backed door mat, like this one, is highly absorbent and has slip-resistant backing.

Dealing with Ceiling Leaks

Winter storms and wet weather can expose weaknesses in a roof, and you may find, especially in larger buildings, you have a few leaks. If they can’t be dealt with properly right away, the best thing to do is to divert the water away from walkways, machinery and workspaces. You might need a handy ceiling leak diverter: it’s a funnel and hose which diverts the water down into a storage reservoir, keeping everything else dry.

Ceiling Leak Diverter

Top Tip: Keeping a couple of spare leak diverters on hand could save you huge sums if a leak suddenly develops near expensive equipment.

Heaters for a Quick Temperature Boost

Cold weather can also expose poor insulation or draughty windows and doors, but if you’re feeling the chill, fan heaters will warm up workspaces quickly in a pinch. We have a range of sizes and power outputs available to heat up spaces from homes and offices to warehouses and workshops. The warm fuzzy feeling they give is nice enough, but you’ll know they’re essential if you’ve ever had to type an email wearing mittens.

Top Tip: A portable heater can be moved to heat just the rooms you need, saving you money if parts of the building aren’t occupied. 



 Fan Heater

So there are a few ideas to ward off winter’s chill. The First Mats range is full of useful things, and while you may not be excited to find them under your Christmas tree, you’ll be glad to find them in your office or under your feet.