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Logo Mats for Schools

It's that time of year again - the leaves have fallen from the trees and the daylight seems to be with us for only a few hours of the day. It's also the time that many homes, businesses and organisations upgrade their entrance matting to cope with the inevitable rainy weather.

Having talked to lots of leaders in the education space, we have realised that it is a constant challenge to maintain the high level of learning. A huge part of this is creating a clean, professional and motivational environment for children to safely grow and learn in. 

Logo Mats for Schools

This desire and ambition is part of the reason why schools love using logo mats in the key areas of their buildings:

  • They create a constant and strong reminder of the schools brand and values to students and teachers as they enter and leave the school
  • They trap and remove dirt and moisture effectively, leading to a cleaner school and decreasing the risk of slips drastically
  • They are cost effective, extremely high-quality and hard-wearing, meaning one less thing to worry about.

 Purple School Logo Mat

Our Commitment to Quality

We know how important our schools are to the future and we pride ourselves of the level of service and quality we offer when delivering our products into educational facilities. In fact, our commitment shines through:

  • We were recently nominated for “Retailer of the Year” in the Birmingham Post Business Awards
  • Our customers have taken the time to leave us over 125 outstanding reviews
  • Reputable businesses including the University of East Anglia, Houses of Parliament, BBC, Downton Abbey, Virgin Atlantic and many more have chosen us as partners for their matting needs.


Time & Cost Saving

Sure, we admit it, door mats might not be the first thing on a Headteacher's mind when they get to school in the morning, or the last thing on their mind when they leave at night.

But that is exactly why our logo mats for schools are so incredibly popular.

Our mats are extremely high quality, which means even with high volumes of traffic they remain in place and looking smart. We are so sure of their quality that we actually offer a 5 year warranty on manufacturing defects AND a satisfaction guarantee, so if you don’t like the mat we will replace or refund it for you.

To explore the possibility of using our logo mats for schools, either contact us with a copy of your logo and requirements or visit our Logo Mats webpage for more info.

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