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Our Best Barrier Mats (And Why!)

Searching for the perfect barrier mat can be time consuming, with so many considerations to make and different options available. Luckily, we have compiled this list of the Best Barrier Mats in our range, suitable for a variety of different needs. From 100% recycled options to mats with fantastic water retention, below are our top picks.

It is worth noting that the larger the mat, the more effective it will be at removing dirt and water from shoes. The more times it is stepped on, the better! For this reason, we recommend choosing the biggest mat you have room for in your space. Our mats also come in a variety of colours so you can be sure to find your perfect fit.


PremDry Barrier Mat

PremDry Barrier Mat

With a raised ‘waffle’ textured surface, this mat is an excellent all-rounder which is highly effective in defending your floors against dirt and moisture.  The slip-resistant rubber backing ensures this mat will stay stuck to smooth floors.

  • Choice of 5 colours
  • Soaks up to 4.5L of water per square metre
  • Heavy-duty – suitable for medium/heavy footfall


RenewMat Barrier Mat

RenewMat Recycled Barrier Mat

Similar in its qualities to the PremDry above, this mat is made entirely from recycled materials. Although environmentally friendly, there is no compromise in quality with this mat – the ‘waffle’ surface pattern and rubber backing offer high performance and durability. Available in four different attractive and neutral colours to compliment any interior.

  • Carpet surface made from recycled plastic bottles / Rubber backing made from recycled rubber tyres
  • Excellent crush and soil resistance
  • Comes in three sizes


EntryPlus Barrier Mat

EntryPlus Large Barrier Mat

A great option when large sizes are required, this mat is hard-wearing and features a plush pile which removes dirt and moisture. It’s perfect for areas in offices, schools, and public buildings etc where a normal-medium amount of foot traffic occurs. Easy cleaning with a vacuum or hose down is a plus too!

  • Extra-large sizing options
  • Low profile with Vinyl base
  • Five colour choices


EntryBrush Barrier Mat

EntryBrush Ribbed Barrier Mat

Economical and effective in removing dirt to protect your interiors, this mat is a great addition to any residential area or workplace. Conveniently easy to clean with just a vacuum, this mat stays firmly in place when used with a vinyl base. Its very good level of crush resistance ensures it will have a long life span.

  • Low profile 7.5mm height
  • Excellent dirt removal and good water retention properties
  • Available in 5 colours


AquaProtect Barrier Mat

AquaProtect Extra Absorbent Barrier Mat

With its impressive ability to soak up to 6L of water per sq. metre of mat, this product is high performance in every capacity. From its fantastic water-retention properties to excellent dirt-trapping qualities, any entrance with heavy footfall would benefit immensely from this mat.

  • Three sizes available in 5 colours
  • Height of 10.5mm for maximum water retention
  • Made from Decalon fibres with a rubber base to fix the mat on the floor

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