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Our Best Heavy-Duty Sack Trucks

Whether you’re out on the road making deliveries, loading/unloading trucks at the depot or simply moving heavy or outsized goods around your site, there is no more useful piece of equipment than the trusty sack truck.

Why are they so useful? Well, they reduce manual handling injuries – one of the most common health and safety issues in the workplace – and they improve productivity. Really, no industrial site, warehouse or factory should be without a good quality, heavy-duty sack truck. 

But which should you choose? As you can see, we have a wide range of sack trucks to select from, each with a particular set of features and benefits that make it perfect for a specific set of use cases. 

260kg UK Made Sack Truck with Puncture-Proof Wheels 

260kg Sack Truck with Puncture-Proof Wheels

Manufactured from steel, this versatile sack truck has a frame capacity of 260kg, making it more than strong enough for most work environments. Mounted on 250mm REACH-compliant puncture proof wheels, this UK-built sack truck is a real all-round work horse. 

  • Knuckle guard hand grips make sustained use safer and more comfortable 
  • 410mm x 200mm toe plate supports loads evenly 
  • Supplied with a 3-year guarantee for peace of mind 

300kg Heavy-Duty Sack Truck with Skids 

Heavy-Duty Sack Truck with Skids - 300Kg Loads

This sack truck has a maximum load capacity of 300kg, thanks to its high-quality steel construction. The skids give the truck the ability to be laid flat with added stability, making it easier to unload when you reach your destination as well as providing extra support when moving up or down steps. 

  • 1320mm tall, high back provides extra load support and stability 
  • Finished with a hardwearing and durable blue powder coat 
  • 250mm diameter puncture-proof pneumatic wheels for use on rough or uneven terrain 

250kg Heavy-Duty P-Handle Sack Truck 

P Handle Heavy Duty Sack Truck - 250Kg Loads

The P-shaped handle integrated into this heavy-duty model lets operators move the unit with one hand, and lay it flat for easier loading and unloading. Coupled with the 250kg maximum capacity, this sack truck is well suited to sites as varied as schools/colleges, retail units, libraries and distribution centres. 

  • Wheel guards protect the load from dirt/splashes 
  • High-quality steel construction, fully welded for extra strength and durability 
  • Wide puncture-proof wheels can be used on any surface 

 200kg Heavy-Duty Foldable Sack Trucks 

Super Strong Foldable Sack Truck - 200Kg Loads

 Built with the delivery driver in mind, this sack truck folds away quickly and compactly to minimise its footprint when not in use. It has been manufactured from aluminium to minimise the weight without sacrificing quality, strength or load capacity. 

  • Unfolds ready for use in a matter of seconds 
  • Black finish on the aluminium frame gives a stylish and professional appearance 
  • Improves delivery speed and reduces strains 

150kg/60kg Stair Climber Sack Truck 

Stair Climbing Sack Truck - 150kg Capacity

Moving heavy goods is not necessarily restricted to flat surfaces – sometimes you need to shift goods up and down stairs and steps. This stair climber lets you do just that: the frame is mounted with three wheels on each side, so there is always a wheel in contact with the floor, tread or riser as you move. Skids on the rear allow for even easier movement, as the unit can be slid up or down as required. 

  • 150kg load capacity on the flat, 60 kg on stairs 
  • Can be loaded/unloaded standing up or lying flat 
  • Lightweight aluminium construction makes pulling up stairs easy and comfortable 

250kg Concave Back Sack Truck 

250kg Concave Back Sack Truck

This sack truck is built specifically for the original purpose of these products – moving sacks. The concave back offers better and more stable support for sacks and bags and the pneumatic wheels ensure smooth movement. 

  • 250kg weight capacity, suited for most common uses 
  • Angled handles give better control and manoeuvrability 
  • Hardwearing finish, knuckle protection and wheel guards 

250kg White Goods Sack Truck 

Standard White Goods Sack Truck - 250kg

Perfect for shifting large appliances like fridges, washers and dryers, this sack truck is fitted with an extra-large base plate and extended wheel guards to make sure the load is protected and supported at all times. 

  • Frame is fitted with protectors to cushion the load 
  • Large pneumatic wheels provide manoeuvrability and mobility even when fully loaded 
  • Great for making deliveries or moving appliances around your site 


If you have any questions about our range of heavy-duty sack trucks or would like any further information then get in touch with our expert team who will be happy to help you. 

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