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Our Best Non Slip Mats For Smooth Floors

When buying a door mat, whether for homes or offices, it’s easy to be swayed by first impressions: the colour, perhaps, or its texture. But many of the cheaper mats you’ll find in your local DIY or homewares store have a thin vinyl backing, which means they will skid and slide around on smooth floors. It’s a surprisingly common cause of accidents, especially in the home.

Instead, it’s worth looking for a door mat that has a rubber backing, as rubber has fantastic non-slip properties that help keep the mat in position. Sometimes a vinyl backing will look like rubber but isn’t, so it’s worth checking. For an entrance mat with real gripping power, we suggest going for a rubber backed door mat every time.

Here’s our run-down of the five best rubber backed door mats for smooth floors:



PremDry Heavy-Duty Non-Slip Mat

If you’re looking for an entrance mat that can withstand really heavy foot traffic, the PremDry Heavy-Duty Mat is the one. It has a raised ‘waffle’ pattern that does a great job of trapping dirt and moisture, plus a strong rubber backing and reinforced edging.

  • Super absorbent and hard wearing
  • Excellent value for money
  • Crush resistant



Renown Non Slip Mat

Renown Non-Slip Mat

This premium entrance mat has a soft luxurious feel, is machine-washable and is super hard-wearing: for us, it ticks all the boxes. And it comes in a range of contemporary colours for a stylish addition to the home, school or office.

  • Gripper rubber backing, making it ideal for carpeted floors
  • Double reinforced borders, for durability
  • Excellent for trapping dirt and absorbing moisture



Unicolour Made to Measure Mat

Ultra-Plush Custom Sized Mat

The beauty of this rubber-backed entrance mat is that it’s made to order, so you can choose the size and colour you want. It has the same 10mm-thick plush carpet pile as our popular commercial logo mats and comes with a five-year guarantee, so you can be sure of its quality and durability.

  • Luxurious look and feel
  • Any width and length (50cm to 550cm)
  • Machine washable



Pro-Wash Mat

Pro-Wash Rubber Backed Non-Slip Mat

Think of it as camouflage for dirt: this machine washable door mat has a mottled colour scheme that helps to hide the worst that even the muddiest footwear can bring in. When it does need a clean, simply pop in the washing machine. And with excellent water-resistant qualities, slip-resistant rubber backing and smart tufted carpet pile, this is a great choice for high traffic spots where looks matter.


  • Super absorbent material
  • Choice of four colours and sizes
  • Top rating for crush resistance and dirt/soil collection



RenewMat Recycled Mat

RenewMat 100% Recycled Mat

We love this mat’s eco credentials: recycled rubber tyres have found new life as the rubber backing, and recycled plastic bottles have been transformed into the mat’s polyester carpet surface. This 100% recycled mat features an attractive raised ‘waffle’ pattern that does an excellent job of capturing soil and dirt on the spot.


  • Fully recycled
  • Available in four colours and three sizes
  • Highly crush resistant



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