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Pallet Toppers: the easy way to prevent unwanted pallet stacking

In a busy warehouse, it can be a real challenge for the forklift drivers to manoeuvre around the aisles easily and quickly. It helps if you can make as much room on the floor as possible by stacking pallets and boxes on top of one another, but it isn't always safe to do this.

The problem is that for a forklift truck driver, there's no easy way to know what's on the pallet when the goods are boxed and so they don't know whether it's safe to stack them or not.

This is where the humble Pallet Topper comes in to play.

A pallet topper is simply a sign that is placed on top of a pallet as a clear warning not to stack any more on top. Pyramid-shaped and with a clever design, the pallet topper can be easily strapped to the top or, if a pallet is shrink-wrapped, it can still be firmly secured inside while remaining highly visible.

Our pallet toppers are manufactured from pre-creased cardboard that can be quickly slotted together. They have been designed in bold red, green, and white colours and, because they feature illustrations with no text, they can be easily understood no matter where in the world the pallet is being transported.

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