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The Benefits of Anti-Fatigue Mats

Standing for long periods of time, particularly in the workplace, can have a whole range of negative effects on the body including swelling of the legs, problems with foot health, joint issues, varicose veins, and an uncomfortable variety of aches and pains from the neck down to the toes.

Anti-Fatigue Mats can eliminate these possible health and wellness problems, and the benefits of Anti-Fatigue Mats definitely make them a worthwhile investment for anyone who is standing for many hours at a time.

Improved Posture

Standing up puts lots of pressure on the joints due to the vertical weight that they need to support during long periods of standing, but an Anti-Fatigue Mat can reduce this stress by ensuring that you make natural, frequent changes to your standing position and means that your weight can be spread evenly between both feet.

One of these mats also reduces heel-to-ground contact pressure which means that your feet are able to remain comfortable for a longer period of time and can support your whole body more effectively, allowing you to keep a strong posture while you are working.

Just remember that if you are working at a standing desk with a computer you must ensure that your computer screen is at a comfortable height so that you don’t find yourself slouching in order to see what you are doing as the day goes on.

Reduces circulatory problems

Blood flows more freely around the body when you are standing up rather than sitting down, but when the body isn’t moving the heart has to work harder to ensure that blood is pumped around the whole body and this puts added pressure onto the vein network.

However, using an Anti-Fatigue Mat means that as small movements are being made to adjust to the mat on a regular basis both muscles and veins can relax which means that the heart isn’t put under as much stress, and this reduces the risk of circulatory problems.

Reduces joint and muscle pain

When you are standing on a hard floor for hours you will often find that your joints become stiff which leads to shoulder and neck pain.

Pain in these areas tend to result in tension headaches which can really have an effect of your ability to work, but when you use an Anti-Fatigue Mat the cushioning beneath your feet will mean there is less pressure on the body so these headaches can be a thing of the past and overall joint pain will be reduced.

Increases productivity

If you’re not feeling comfortable at work and are having the battle with various aches and pains every day this will mean that you are less productive due to being distracted by how you feel, plus you use up to 20% more energy when standing which means that you are going to tire quickly.

In addition to this, fatigue can set in after just 90 minutes of standing which mean that you really won’t feel like your best self.

An Anti-Fatigue Mat can combat these issues and increase your productivity in the workplace which means that it is both an investment into your health and wellbeing and one which will be beneficial to the company you work for too.

Reduces risk of slipping

It is a known fact that slips, trips and falls are the most common cause of a major injury within the workplace, which is not only bad news for companies who may temporarily lose employees while they recover but is also something that may concern you during your working day.

Many Anti-Fatigue Mats boast a ribbed surface and are made from non-slip materials which means that standing on one of these reduces the likelihood of you slipping while at work and can help to prevent you from being another casualty to add to this worrying statistic.

Even if you don’t work in an environment where an Anti-Fatigue Mat could benefit you it may be that one could be useful in the home due to this non-slip feature, as they can be perfect for using while you wash the dishes to prevent turning your kitchen floor into a slippery, and potentially dangerous, surface.


With all of these benefits of Anti-Fatigue Mats to consider it is no wonder that they are becoming more popular both in the workplace and in people’s homes, as there are a whole variety of ways in which one could make your life that little bit more comfortable.

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