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The Benefits of Nestable Cash and Carry Trolleys for your Store

In the retail industry, space is a valuable commodity. Every square foot counts, and how you use it can significantly impact your store's functionality and the customer experience. One area often overlooked in space planning is the storage of shopping trolleys. This is where nestable Cash and Carry Trolleys come into play. These trolleys are designed to fit or "nest" inside each other when not in use, saving up to 75% of the space compared to non-nestable trolleys. But how do you choose the right nestable trolley for your business? Let's explore.

Understanding Nestable Cash and Carry Trolleys

Nestable Cash and Carry Trolleys are a type of shopping trolley used in large stores, wholesalers, and other retail outlets. They are designed to accommodate large quantities of goods, making them ideal for customers who need to purchase many items at once. The key feature of these trolleys is their ability to nest within each other, significantly reducing the space required for storage.

The Space-Saving Advantage

The primary advantage of nestable trolleys is their space-saving feature. When nested together, these trolleys can save up to 75% of the space compared to non-nestable trolleys. This is a significant saving, especially for stores with limited space or those looking to optimise their floor area.

For example, if you have 10 non-nestable trolleys, each taking up 4 square feet of space, you would need 40 square feet just to store your trolleys. Now, if you switch to nestable trolleys, you could potentially reduce the storage space to just 10 square feet. That's 30 square feet saved, which can be used for displaying more products, creating wider aisles, or even adding seating areas for customer comfort.

Nested Retail Trolleys

Enhancing Customer Experience

By reducing the storage footprint of your trolleys, you can create a more open and inviting store layout. Customers appreciate spacious and well-organised stores, which can enhance their shopping experience and potentially increase their dwell time (How much time they spend in the shop. Moreover, nestable trolleys are typically easier to manoeuvre and handle for customers, further enhancing the customer experience.

Happy customers means they will be willing to spend more money in your store, and more likely to return in the future.

Choosing the Right Nestable Trolley for Your Business

When selecting a nestable Cash and Carry Trolley for your business, consider the following factors:

Size: The trolley size should be appropriate for the most commonly purchased items in your store. It should be large enough to accommodate these items but not so large that it becomes difficult to manoeuvre around the store.

Weight Capacity: Consider the weight of the items your customers typically purchase. The trolley should be able to handle this weight comfortably. Most Cash and Carry Trolleys can handle loads from 320kg - 500kg.

Indoor/Outdoor Use: Depending on your retail environment, you may need trolleys that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Trolleys fitted with rubber wheels can run smoothly on uneven surfaces, making them suitable for coarser floor surfaces.

Nested Shopping Trolleys


Choosing the right nestable Cash and Carry Trolley for your business is a crucial decision that can impact your store's space utilisation and the overall customer experience. By considering factors like size, weight capacity, and environment, you can select a trolley that not only meets your business needs but also maximises your retail space. With their space-saving design and ease of use, nestable Cash and Carry Trolleys could be the perfect companion for your retail business.

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