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What are the benefits of using metal stillages?

What are the benefits of using metal stillages?

If you work in, or are familiar with warehousing and manufacturing businesses, chances are you have come across metal stillages. Although they are commonly found in factories, workshops and industrial spaces, the word 'stillage' is rarely used outside of these premises, which is why most people do not know what they are. 

So what exactly are metal stillages?

Metal stillages are pallets and other containers designed for the storage of materials in industrial and manufacturing environments. They are available with either mesh sides, flat sheet panels or open sides depending on the type of products they are intended to hold.

Metal Stillages example

You can also find metal stillages with drop-sides that allow for easy access to contents whilst still offering superb load retention. You can set the side in the ‘up’ position for safe storage and transportation, then drop the side down for convenient access to your items.

Post pallets are designed or use in manufacturing areas where you need to have constant access to your stocks. They can be stacked up with many pallets to provide storage space in heavy-duty applications.

Stillages are also designed to be stackable for added flexibility during storage.

What are the benefits of installing metal stillages in my workplace?

Metal stillages are a great way to save space in your warehouse and store materials at easily accessible locations. Check out our key points below to find out exactly why they are so useful.


Of course, as with all equipment in any workplace, safety is the number one priority. Metal stillages allow you to store goods securely so you don't have to worry about products falling and injuring employees or visitors.

Metal stillages fitted with mesh sides also lower the risk of items becoming loose during transportation. If you are moving small parts that might slip through the gaps in mesh sides, you may prefer metal stillages with steel panel sides, as they offer the best load retention for small parts.


Metal stillages can be stacked with or without a pallet in between the stack levels to create an even more space-saving solution! This is a great advantage, especially if you find yourself running on limited floor space.


Metal stillages are great for transporting large and heavy amounts of goods as they are easy to manoeuvre and reduce the chances of products falling over.

Most metal stillages have space underneath to be carried by a forklift or pallet jack, which means you do not need to purchase any additional equipment to move your stillages from one place to another.


This is one of the most important benefits of stillages: they will save you money in the long run. Most metal stillages have an all-steel construction with a powder coated finish which makes them extremely tough. This means you can use them constantly for years without having to worry about rusting or breakage.


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