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Which Shelving Type is Best For You?

No matter what industry your business is in, you will need to invest in good quality metal shelving at some point. Whether your business is a one-man band or a large, multi-site enterprise, shelving helps you keep your space tidy and organised.

Follow our guide to find out which type of shelving is best for your business.

Why is choosing the right shelving important?

Although it may seem as though all shelving types are the same, they can differ greatly. This means that each type of shelving is best suited for a specific application to help your every day tasks run more smoothly.

Installing the wrong shelving type for your business runs the risk of valuable resources and money being wasted on something that does not fit your requirements.

Instead, browse through our extensive range of shelving by clicking here to find the perfect fit for your workplace.

Which type of shelving do I need?

Offices and schools

Generally speaking, the shelving types required for office spaces and school are usually lightweight options. This is because they will be mainly used for admin purposes, i.e. storing files and paperwork so there is no need for a heavy-duty shelving system that takes up a lot of space.

Lightweight shelving systems are very easy to put together, and are flexible in terms of how you decide to configure them. You could even make space to add an indoor plant or decorative item to jazz up your office space.

Take a look at our range of archive shelving if you think this could be the best option for you.


Kanban Shelving with Sloping Chipboard Shelves

The type of stockroom shelving you need greatly depends on what you need to store on them.

We supply a variety of stockroom shelving systems that range in weight capacities. So if you need to store heavy items, our 4 Tier Warehouse Shelving unit may be of use as it features an impressive 450kg max load per shelf!

If you are looking for something a little lighter, our Kanban Shelving with Sloping Chipboard Shelves can take up to 80kg per shelf.

Factories and warehouses

Most, if not all warehouses and factories will need a highly dependable and strong shelving system to keep their business running smoothly.

The good news is that there are lots of options to choose from! Between heavy-duty warehouse shelving and pallet racking, you can create the perfect tailored storage system for your workspace.

Hard wearing and made from strong materials, you can benefit from increased floor space as well as great flexibility to set the shelf height according to your own requirements.

Cold rooms

If you work in the food or pharmaceutical industry, chances are you have a freezer and/or chiller room. Keeping food and medicines at the correct temperature is vital to ensure they are safe for consumption.

Heavy-Duty Solid Polymer Cold Room Shelving Units - 460mm Depth

Letting your sub-zero storage room get messy can be disastrous and makes finding items very difficult. Cold room shelving will help keep your cold stock organised and secure.

By installing cold room shelving you can keep your area clean and tidy, ensuring items can be found quickly when needed.

Take a look at our cold room shelving options, which are all extremely resistant to low temperatures.


We know how easily garages can become cluttered. Over time the number of bits and bobs, tools and supplies adds up, and the only way to free up space is to install a good shelving system.

Our range of metal shelving is the ideal solution for domestic garages, as well as offices and small workshops.

Rust-resistant and very easy to clean, our durable collection of metal shelving is stocked in a wide range of sizes to suit all garages and homes.

Retail and shopping

Making your retail unit look appealing to attract customers requires a well-designed space. An essential part to this is ensuring all products and goods are displayed in an organised and inviting way.

Easy to clean and keep sterile, our range of chrome wire shelving systems can turn any shop or stockroom into an exciting and stylish space.



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