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Brass Padlocks

Whether it's your Business, Home or a luggage case, we have Brass Padlocks to keep you protected and secure in all situations. Discover our range of Brass Padlocks including Keyed and Keyed Alike versions plus hand Combination Padlocks. All are delivered for free across mainland UK.

Brass Padlocks - More Information

Brass Padlocks

Offering a more classic look and feel to your security needs, brass padlocks come in a host of shapes and sizes, dependant on your specific requirements. More compact brass padlocks are the order of the day for those looking to secure a smaller, individual item, or protect the more modest structures or areas important to you.

Realistically, there are only ever two instances when you would consider buying brass padlocks and those reasons are as follows. Either you're looking to prevent the theft of something important to you, or you're making the necessary plans to prevent unauthorised entry to a location that provides a storage facility for a cherished item. Or failing that, perhaps a protective area in general.

Aside from brass padlocks, other metals used in the manufacture of these everyday security devices include pressed steel, laminated steel and solid steel alloy. Contemporary designed brass padlocks are made available in a number of shapes and sizes, and readily differ in terms of security levels offered. However, comprising of the three core components, a brass padlock is typically constructed with a body, shackle, and locking mechanism like padlocks crafted from any other metal compound.

Brass Padlocks are part of our range of Safety and Security products that includes other types of padlocks and security equipment.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing Brass Padlocks?

You may wonder just why brass has proven to be such a popular raw material when it comes to the manufacture of padlocks. So let us explain the key reasons behind this recognised fact. Firstly, brass is acknowledged as a relatively soft metal. Which from a purely manufacturing perspective means that it's both quick and therefore cheap to forge. Time and cost-effective tooling practices subsequently leads to low-end user prices.

Secondly - and somewhat conversely - brass is a fairly robust metal too. So much so that brass padlocks can survive a sustained attack from protagonists keen to access something otherwise secured by the presence of said lock. Be they wielding a saw, bolt cutter or hammer.

Meanwhile, brass padlocks aren't prone to the onset of rust like other more susceptible metals are. This means if you're looking to safeguard property housed in an environment where moisture is a recurrent issue, then brass padlocks serve as the 'go to' examples you should be prioritising.

So Why Brass Padlocks Over Solid Steel Alloy Padlocks, for Instance?

This goes back to the question of material versatility. Steel alloy is a significantly harder material than its brass alternative, so the machine operation demands a longer process. Which equates to higher manufacturing costs.

Why Buy Brass Padlocks from First Mats?

Here at First Mats, we supply a full spectrum of durable brass padlocks fit for any purpose. From domestic to commerce to industrial-spec and everything in between. If your need is for brass-bodied combination padlocks, keyed padlocks or keyed alike padlocks, we've got the lot covered.

Our multi-purpose brass padlocks offer a wide range of solutions for a number of diverse security questions. Extending to brass padlocks designed for luggage, bike and shed securing, through to those primed for storage units, gates and high-security industrial-grade premises. First Mats is in the business of supplying premium quality brass padlocks at competitive prices.