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Drum Lifters

Make the task of moving heavy drums an easy one with our British made Drum Lifters and Trolleys. Designed for a range of tasks and weight capacities, our CE marked Drum Lifters and Trolleys are an essential tool for most factories and warehouses.

Drum Lifters - More Information

Drum Lifter In Use

What are drum lifters? 

Drum lifters are a type of workplace trolley designed for the easy movement, tilting and lifting of steel drums, commonly found on industrial sites. 

Different models of drum lifter work in different ways. Some can be used alongside a forklift to raise the drum from the base, some make use of an overhead hoist and chain, and others use pincers to grab the drum around the rim. All of them ultimately perform the same function: lifting the drum safely and securely. 

What are the benefits of using drum lifters? 

The main benefit of using a drum lifter is that manual handling injuries such as strains and sprains can be minimised. Additional benefits include increased productivity, as drums can be worked with much more quickly, and fewer spill accidents caused by improper movement. 

Which drum lifters are in the First Mats range? 

Our range of drum lifters includes a number of different models, including: 

  • Drum Grab Attachments. These are used alongside overhead hoists, and make use of two or three legs to grip the drum around the rim. These are available in either 350kg or 500kg load capacities and are designed for 205-litre steel and/or plastic drums. 
  • Euro Pallet Drum Lifters. These models securely grip the drum and make use of a pump to lift it. The whole unit can then be wheeled over a standard U.K. or Euro pallet for loading. These are available in 250kg or 300kg maximum load variants and are designed for use with 205-litre drums. 
  • Forklift Attachments. These models are attached to the forklift truck, which can then be used to raise, lower and manoeuvre the drum as necessary. Our 300kg maximum capacity model is a popular choice, as is our 400kg model with built-in suspension for use on rough or uneven surfaces. 

Why buy drum lifters from First Mats? 

At First Mats, we are incredibly proud of our 4.9 out of 5 rating on TrustPilot, as it shows that our customers have consistently appreciated the level of service that we give. 

Our aim is to always provide goods of the highest quality, at the most competitive prices, both on our range of Drum Lifters and on our other extensive product lines. 

If you have any questions or would like further advice, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members, who will be happy to help you.