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Barrier Mats & Matting

Barrier Mats are extra-large entrance mats designed to remove dust, dirt and grime from footwear. This is because the more times your matting is stepped on with both feet, the better it works at keeping your floors clean. Explore our range of premium Barrier Mats and Matting here, with a huge choice of sizes and styles to choose from.

Barrier Mats & Matting - More Information

Barrier Mats

Before viewing our extensive range of barrier mats, you can find out more about them in our guide below where we explain all the ins and outs of barrier mats to help you decide which one is the best for you.

What are Barrier Mats?

Barrier Mats, also known as Entrance Mats and Dust Control Mats, are essentially large floor mats that are primarily designed to stop dirt, dust, debris and moisture from getting onto floors, creating a “barrier” that protects internal floors from the elements outside.

The main reason barrier matting is so widely adopted is down to their greatly effective hygienic and safety properties; trapping debris, moisture, dust and dirt into the mat itself, preventing cross-contamination of carpets and floors while also reducing the amount of cleaning needed to keep areas tidy.   

What are Barrier Mats Made of and How Do They Work?

Barrier mats are made from a combination of cotton or synthetic fibres on a rubber or PVC backing. The thicknesses and texture vary mostly depending on their purpose, the environment and the underlying surface of the mat.

One of the key principles to how barrier mats work and why they are so effective is because of their extended length in comparison to normal door mats.

In practice and theory:

The longer the floor mat = the more times visitors will tread on it.  

This means that people will transfer more dirt, dust, moisture and any other unwanted substance into the mat rather than on surrounding floors, carpets or workspaces.

The two most common and popular types of barrier mats are nylon fibre and cotton mats due to their excellent performance, wide range of choices and great value.

Barrier mats with cotton surfaces absorb moisture and more finite dust particles, acting almost like a ground sponge for your footwear.  Another added benefit is that they are often machine-washable, making it much easier to clean and maintain the mat in the long-term rather than manually washing out the debris by hand.

On the other hand, mats with Synthetic Nylon Fibres are often more durable and better at trapping dirt and dust, so are ideal for use in areas with greater foot traffic or around dusty factories and warehouses.

Where is Barrier Matting Used?

Any homeowner or business who cares about maintaining good cleanliness and health and safety practices, will use and implement barrier mats in domestic, commercial and public environments across the world.  Barrier mats are becoming more of a fundamental necessity, especially in many homes and public buildings.

More examples of where you can find barrier mats in action throughout daily life include:

In Commercial Environments:

  • Engineering, Manufacturing and Mechanical Workshops
  • Children’s Play Centres
  • Fulfilment Centres
  • Logistics Depots
  • Supermarkets
  • Kitchens
  • Offices
  • Hotels

In Domestic Environments:

  • Patio, Garden or Greenhouse Entrances
  • Home Doorsteps
  • Bathrooms or Wet Rooms
  • Room Entrances
  • Apartment Complexes (Receptions)

In Public Environments:

  • Hospitals
  • Libraries
  • Swimming Pools
  • Leisure Centres
  • Nature Reserves
  • Places of Education (Schools, Colleges, etc.)
  • Museums
  • Landmarks

Domestically, more and more tenants and property owners are using barrier mats for entrances as functional and fashionable home accessories suited the décor and preferences.

What Types of Barrier Mats Exist?

There are many variations of barrier mats, all with unique characteristics ready for a wide range of environments with many customisation options and choices. Below we will cover the most popular and common types of barrier mats you can get in the market.

Cotton Door Mats – Cotton Mats, as mentioned beforehand, are one of the best mats for soaking up moisture and excel at providing luxury to any room with a soft comforting texture underfoot; perfect after coming home from cold and rainy days. With the added bonus of being washing-machine friendly and remaining fairly lightweight, cotton mats are a good alternative to heavier versions.

Rubbed Backed Barrier Mats – Some of the best barrier mats you can buy will have a study rubber backing to secure and weigh the mat down into place. One of the main reasons is to prevent any occupants from tripping, failing or sliding in the chance that moisture or any loose debris creeps underneath the mat’s surface. Quite often, you may see these mats inside of homes as the internal floors tend to have less grip and traction.  

Another big advantage of incorporating rubber is the incredible durability and flexible properties of the material - acting as one of the core ingredients for shoes, car tires and quality floor mats across the world.  

If you are interested in buying or upgrading to a rubber -backed mat, please feel free to view any of our product ranges and select Rubber Backed Mats in the Features Panel on the left-hand side of the page.

Dust Control Mats – Essentially dust control mats are another term to describe barrier mats but mainly emphasise the properties in reducing dust pollution within a certain radius, and are usually backed with rubber, PVC, synthetic fibres or a mixture of all three together.  The surfaces can massively vary as well – ranging from nylon strand fibres, cotton or carpet. 

Gripper Backing –  To prevent the mat from sliding across the floor, mats with a gripper backing surface have small indents on the underlayer layer on the mat to increase grip and sturdiness especially on smoother surfaces such as tiles and wooden floors.

The Expert's Buying Guide for Barrier Mats

So with all of the information in this guide, you will now know far more about Barrier Mats than you did before, but which ones are the best? The experts at First Mats have checked each product and recommended some top choices for you to consider;

Best Value Barrier Mat - Plush Choice

Plush Choice Mat

 The Plush Choice is a best seller and it's not hard to see why. This is a great all-around mat, offering good performance for dirt and water retention whilst being durable enough for low to medium traffic volumes.

It is also one of our most versatile entrance mats, available in a wide range of colours and sizes including custom length options. This means you can choose one of the standard roll widths and then any length you need, ensuring a perfect fit in any environment.

Machine Washable Barrier Mat - Easy Clean

Easy Clean Barrier Mat

If you're looking for a Barrier Mat that is also easy to clean, then "Easy Clean" could be just what you need. Its features include a luxuriously soft plush pile and a choice of attractive colours making it popular in homes and executive environments.

Note: Large mats are not suitable for domestic washing machines. Anything bigger than 60cm x 90cm should be washed in a larger commercial machine.

Heavy-Duty Barrier Mat - AquaProtect

AquaProtect Door Mat

If you need a Barrier Mat that can be used in high traffic entrances then our AquaProtect is an excellent choice. It is one of our highest rated mats in all categories (Crush Resistance, Water Retention and Soil Resistance) making it ideal for libraries, schools, shops and other areas with a large amount of foot traffic.

The raised waffle pattern makes it great at pulling dirt away from shoes as well as soaking up and retaining any water, keeping surrounding floors clean, dry and safe.

100% Recycled Barrier Mat - RenewMat


Looking for a Barrier Mat that can also help the environment? RenewMat is made from 100% recycled materials helping to make better use of post-consumer waste. The fibres on top of the mat started life as plastic bottles with the rubber base being made from used car tyres. Both materials can cause great damage to our environment if not disposed of correctly, so re-purposing them into a durable and high performing entrance mat is an excellent choice for buyers who care about the environment and enjoy recycling. RenewMat is becoming a popular choice for many organisations, including nature parks, camping sites and country homes.

Best Outdoor Barrier Mat - DirtTrap

DirtTrap Rubber Entrance Mat

Protection for your floors doesn't need to wait until visitors have entered the building. Our DirtTrap mat is made from rubber with a surface of small "fingers" that work to scrape dirt and stones away from shoes, keeping more of the grime outside of the building. For the best results, we recommend using an outdoor mat, to remove mud and stones, followed by an indoor mat to absorb the remaining moisture from the shoes.

Commercial Barrier Matting - EntraGuard

EntraGuard Barrier Mat

If what you're looking for is something that will cover a larger floor area than a loose-lay mat, then you may be interested in EntraGuard. Available from widths of 1 metre or 2 metres, EntraGuard is designed for large commercial areas such as walkways and reception areas. It is available in any length up to 21 metres long, and a choice of executive grey and charcoal colours, making it ideal for larger facilities such as hotel receptions

How are Barrier Mats Cleaned?

As the first line of defence for keeping floors clean and dry, it is vital to ensure that barrier mats get cleaned frequently to ensure their effectiveness. Below is a guide on how to properly clean barrier mats and what to use.

Please click here to read the full floor mat cleaning guide

How Often Should I Clean My Barrier Mat?

This depends on various factors such as the time of year, amount of foot traffic and the surrounding environment (e.g. if the door mat is near a muddy entrance area). Your mats should be cleaned with a vacuum whenever doing the surrounding floor (preferably weekly) with more thorough cleans being done monthly or sooner if needed



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