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Floating Oil Spill Booms

Floating Oil Spill Booms are flexible, floating barriers that contain oil spills on water. These include absorbent booms, floating curtain booms and fence booms for different levels of wave action. Buy your floating spill booms online to protect the environment against potentially hazardous oil spills. - Click to learn more about Floating Oil Spill Booms

What are Floating Oil Spill Booms?

Floating oil spill booms are temporary barriers that contain and/or absorb oil spills on water. They are made from strong, waterproof materials such as nylon or PVC, with some booms also containing absorbent materials.[1]

The purpose of deploying floating oil spill booms is to trap oil before it can spread further into the environment - preventing damage by containing and collecting oil in one place for further clean-up.[2]

Floating booms are a vital tool in the fight against pollution and environmental destruction caused by oil spills.

Floating Oil Spill Boom Types

Absorbent Oil Booms

Absorbent Booms are widely used for their ability to absorb spilt and leaked oil from water surfaces, thus preventing further damage from spreading contaminants such as waste and debris. In addition, the materials used in these oil booms are hydrophobic, meaning they will absorb oil whilst actively repelling water, making them suitable for use in water.

Absorbent Booms provide light containment barriers that isolate oil spills, allowing them to be recovered through mechanical means. Each Absorbent Boom package comprises two booms with a total length of 10 meters when joined together, providing an effective solution for smaller oil spills on water.

Floating Curtain Booms

Floating Curtain Booms are considered a reliable and efficient form of spill containment on water. These curtain booms have solid internal buoyancy that makes them lightweight and resistant to damage, with a high ratio of flotation-to-weight. They are designed for calm or “protected” water containment, meaning they hold their position very well in the water.

Floating Curtain Booms come in 25-metre lengths that can be joined quickly with quick connectors, making them easy to deploy and store in storage containers. With these features, Floating Curtain Booms provide an effective and convenient solution for any surface water spill containment project.

Fence Spill Booms

Fence Booms are specifically designed for use in calmer or “protected” waters, allowing for spill containment and the protection of the environment. These booms are lightweight yet highly durable, making them easy to deploy and recover.

Fence Booms can be reeled behind a boat easily, self-righting when they hit the water and adapted to varying wave action. Each Fence Boom comprises 25 metre sections that are securely joined together with quick connectors.

Fence Booms effectively protect the safety of shorelines and marine environments against pollution and spills.

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