Universal Absorbent Pads

Whether it's water, oil, fuels or coolants, our general purpose absorbent pads are fantastic for soaking up almost any non-hazardous fluid. Keep these pads nearby workstations or oil stores so that any minor spillages can be quickly absorbed by our fast-acting cotton fibres.

Universal Absorbent Pads - More Information

General Purpose Absorbent Pads

For a product that can quickly absorb a variety of fluids including water, oils and coolants, then look no further than our General Purpose Absorbent Pads, Rolls and Socks.

The products in this range are all fairly low cost, but the quality of each item will far exceed expectations. For any non-hazardous spill, be it small or large, our general-purpose pads and rolls are your best option for safe and fast clean up.

How are these Absorbent Pads so Effective?

The high-performance aspect of these products comes down to their triple-loft construction process that means they pack in more material than other similar products. This makes them an excellent choice for spillages even in the most challenging industrial or everyday environments, where they have been shown to absorb 25% more fluids than some of the alternative products.

Made using 85% recycled materials, our Evo range also provide a more environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic fibres. Your carbon footprint is reduced even further as they are made in Great Britain to reduce transport distances.

Which Absorbent Products Should I Buy?

Our general absorbents come in a variety of specifications, with rolls and pads available that will be suitable for tackling any kind of spillage. Our rolls can be bought in lengths of 40m and in various widths, absorbing up to 130 litres of fluid in total.

Our general purpose absorbent pads are highly effective when used in situations where the spillage is relatively small and confined to one particular area, making them ideal for use near workstations.

The Best All-Round Spillage Solution

All of our general purpose and water absorbent pads can be used in a multitude of environments and have a diverse range of applications within everyday life and in the industrial workplace as well. They can be used on almost any non-hazardous fluid, ranging from water and oils, to coolants and antifreeze fluids.

They are excellent options for tricky situations where the only goal is to absorb as much fluid as quickly as possible, but they are not suitable for acids or any other strong chemicals.

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