Industrial Mats

Industrial MatsDo you want to make your workplace safer, smarter and more comfortable? The team at First Mats can help you with everything you need to find the right mats for your workplace, and can help you meet industry guidelines and legislation. Whether your working environment is a factory, kitchen, airport, gym or a shop we can provide you with the best-value mats for your needs and budget. We have a comprehensive range of industrial mats and safety mats, all of which come with anti-slip and anti-fatigue features as standard. There are designs suited to everything from light industrial packing areas to heavy-duty production environments and everything in between with custom sizes available.

From our base in Birmingham, we supply the whole of the UK with industrial matting that complies with or exceeds the most stringent health and safety requirements. All the mats that we supply can be used in dry areas and there are particular designs for wet environments where your employees will be in contact with oil, grease, chemicals or water. We choose designs that are made from the most hard-wearing materials, including rubber, vinyl foam, cotton, polypropylene, GRP and PVC.


First Mats specialises in the following industrial mats:


Anti Fatigue MatIf you are looking for anti-slip mats (also called non-slip mats), we can supply you with pre-sized anti-slip mats or non-slip mat roll, which can be cut to fit exactly where you need it to go. We stock leading brand names such as KrossMat and SturdySafe and many of our industrial mats are anti-fatigue (or anti-stress), which means that they ease pressure on the feet, knees and lower back. As well as improving morale and helping you to look after your employees, this will save you money through preventing injuries that can build up over long periods of time and reduce days lost to sick leave. In turn, this will improve your staff retention and efficiency.

There are specific anti-slip and anti-fatigue (also called 'anti-stress') mats for different industrial uses. If you are looking for mats for food preparation areas, you will need something hard-wearing but comfortable, with good drainage and resistance to greasy spills. Swarf mats are commonly used in industrial workshops and they can incorporate anti-fatigue features. These mats are designed to reduce dirt and debris from footwear, and to be easily cleaned. Electrical safety matting may include Electro-static Discharge (ESD) resistance and will also incorporate anti-fatigue and anti-slippage features. At First Mats, we can provide an industrial mat for all types of use.


Commercial Mats

We are also specialist suppliers for many other types of safety mats. Our leisure mats include gym mats, shower mats and swimming pool mats. We are stockists for GRP anti-slip flooring and can advise you on everything you need to know to get the right size and specification.

If you are looking for an entrance mat, we have an extensive range of mats for inside and outside to reduce moisture, dirt, dust and microbes from entering your premises. These products can actually make a huge difference to safety and cleanliness. We supply entrance mats for everything from large commercial buildings to small offices. If you are looking for an entrance mat that makes a great first impression, we can use your logo to create a unique design.


Why Choose First Mats?

First Mats are a trustworthy supplier with a huge range of industrial floor mats, anti-fatigue to safety and entrance mats with your business's. Whatever your needs, our team will be happy to help. To guide you through the variety of materials and finishes, and to help you meet industry and health-and-safety regulations, we are just a phone call away!

For all types of industrial mats, call the friendly team at First Mats today.

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