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Add a touch of style to your home with our decorative Kitchen Runners. Each one with a unique design, ensuring you will find the perfect match for your home. All runners are machine washable and include a non slip backing.
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First Mats Kitchen Runners

For comfort underfoot when you are cooking, or perhaps an attractive focal point in a kitchen; kitchen runners are incredibly versatile for not only enhancing your kitchen design but having an array of practical features too.

What are kitchen runners?

Kitchen runners are rugs specially designed for kitchen use. They are usually long and narrow. At First Mats, our kitchen runners are all 50cm wide by 150 cm in length as well as being ultra-thin and work to enhance the kitchen area. The kitchen runners at First Mats all feature non-slip backing made from Vinyl Microflex for safety. Furthermore, our runners are all machine washable at 30°C; this means the rugs are easy to clean when it comes to any kitchen spillages.

Kitchen runners can work to soften the appearance of a kitchen, make it more comfortable underfoot when cooking or washing up while also catching spills and preserving your kitchen floor. They are great for adding warmth and personality to a kitchen; a room that usually only focuses on being practical. At First Mats, we offer our runners in a wide range of different designs to suit your style and your kitchen.

Key features of our runners

  • Machine washable at 30°C for complete practicality
  • Non-slip backing for safety and comfort
  • All runners are 50cm x 150cm
  • 100% polyamide material
  • Ultra-thin runners with a flat pile for stain-resistance
  • Attractive designs to enhance your kitchen.


Benefits of kitchen runners

  1. Welcoming

A rug can make your kitchen much warmer and more welcoming. This is because the softness of textiles can help to reduce the harshness of hard floors and cabinetry.


  1. Catching spills

All of our kitchen runners are machine washable, so you can use the runner to catch spills and then quickly clean them away. The ultra-smooth and flat pile mean it is easy to clean, and stains will not embed themselves into the fibres. This means they are ideal for use around the kitchen hob or sink. What’s more, with pattern runners, they are great for not only catching spills but hiding drips and dirt too.


  1. Colour

With kitchen appliances and uniform cabinetry, it can be challenging to incorporate colour into a kitchen area. However, with a kitchen runner, you can enjoy a vibrant pop of colour or perhaps a cool or warm hue, depending on your vision for the kitchen.

  1. Comfort

Having a rug underneath provides an extra layer of comfort underfoot, which is ideal when you are doing the dishes, cooking or baking. What’s more, for those with a cold kitchen floor, a kitchen runner is perfect for keeping toes comfortable when walking barefoot in the kitchen.


  1. Safety

A kitchen runner adds friction to commonly slippy kitchen floors. With a kitchen runner complete with non-slip backing, your rug will stay securely in place, helping to improve the safety in the kitchen.


  1. Make your space seem bigger

Many kitchens are often a galley-style kitchen, making them feel very narrow. However, with a kitchen runner, you can make the space seem wider and therefore make the whole room appear bigger.

  1. Add your personal touch

First Mats offer an extensive range of kitchen runners complete in a variety of colours and designs. This means you can find the perfect solution for your kitchen while stamping your personality onto its design by choosing a pattern you love.

Where to use kitchen runners

Due to the size and shape of kitchen runners, they can be incredibly versatile for use in and around the kitchen. In galley-style kitchens, a runner can lay between the two kitchen walls. If you have a kitchen island, a runner can help to create a seamless space between your island and cabinets. A runner is also a great idea by the sink to improve comfort underfoot. These rugs are also great for linking areas of the home, such as providing a bridge between your kitchen and dining room.

Whether it is for comfort or practicality, kitchen runner can work wonders at softening the style of the kitchen and making it much more inviting and homely.

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