Machine Washable Rugs

With the range of Washable Rugs from First Mats, you can make your home look great whilst making it easy to keep them looking clean and new for years to come. Choose from a variety of colours and styles to find a rug that's perfect for your home.

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Machine Washable Rug

With the exclusive range of stylish machine washable rugs from First Mats, making your home look great and feel more comfortable while keeping your home clean is made much easier.


Our eye-catching range combines practicality with easy maintenance. Ideal for any hard floored room in your home, our selection of machine washable rugs will instantly add a layer of warmth around your home.


Keeping these rugs clean is a breeze, simply throw them into your washing machine whenever you need to. Compared to other types available, our range of stylish washable rugs are so easy to use and come out of the washing machine looking like new!


Washable Rugs to Suit All Tastes


Our range of washable rugs includes decorative and practical rugs that can be used on any hard floor in your home. For example, we have a superb range of hard-wearing kitchen rugs that are designed for busy working areas such as kitchens where your floor rugs will see a lot of heavy use.


We offer a decorative floor rug range that includes Shaggy and Stripey rugs. These rugs are guaranteed to bring a sense of style and comfort wherever you choose to use them.


We also offer a thinner and more practical style of rug that is available from our Eco range. Ideal for a kitchen, this range of rugs come with a stain-resistant pile as well as an eco-friendly recycled backing.


Our Eco range provides you with an attractive choice of subtle designs that are a pleasure to look at while being very hard wearing and durable.


Safe to use on all hard floor types


One of the biggest worries people have about using rugs on their hard floors is the risk that the rug will scuff the floor surface or leave ugly marks behind. We are pleased to tell you that our machine washable floor rugs are both safe and practical to use on any hard floor surface and will not scuff or mark your floors.


Your bathroom is an ideal place to put one of our rugs. Often bathrooms come with tiled floors that can feel very cold and hard to your feet, especially when you step out of the bath or shower.


Our soft and stylish range of rugs are perfect for accentuating your bathroom while offering a warm and welcoming area to step onto to protect your feet from the cold floor. One of our brightly coloured mats would add some life to a plain white bathroom.


Don't forget that using one of our rugs in your bathroom will be much more hygienic than having a carpet fitted because a bathroom rug is much easier to keep clean. Simply pop it into the washing machine to keep it looking bright and clean.


Stain-resistant pile materials


The First Mats range of machine washable mats uses stain-resistant pile materials that make our mats so easy to keep clean.


There is no doubt that where you use your mats will affect how quickly they will become dirty. For example, if you used our mats in your kid's rooms, or in the kitchen by your back door, the rugs would get dirty in no time.


However, this is nothing to be concerned about as our mats are fully machine washable and so easy to clean when compared to standard types of rugs that cannot be washed at home.


Affordability and long life


Another great reason for choosing the First Mats range is that our exclusive range of machine washable rugs are a far more affordable option than most other types of rugs, especially those that need specialist cleaning to keep them looking bright.


One of the main benefits of our washable rugs is the ease of maintenance when it comes to cleaning. This means you can keep your floors looking great, your entry hallways looking warm and welcoming and your kitchen and bathroom floors protected from spills, drips and splashes.


Free UK delivery on all orders


First Mats are pleased to offer our customers free UK delivery on all orders. This means you don't need to meet with a minimum order quota or pay any extra money out for delivery costs.


What’s more, First Mats is rated 4.9 out of 5 in Trustpilot thanks to hundreds of satisfied customers who have shared their thoughts for other users.

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