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Mobile Container Trucks

Strong, lightweight and versatile - our Mobile Container Trucks are fantastic for a huge range of uses. Their wide and deep features make them especially well suited to bulky or odd-shaped items what would fall off other trucks, such as laundry or drinks bottles. Our food-grade models are popular for use as ingredient bins and other hygienic storage. Our Mobile Container Trucks are now available with free mainland UK delivery on orders over £45.

Mobile Container Trucks - More Information

Mobile Container Trucks

What are Mobile Container Trucks?

Mobile Container Trucks are an easy and convenient way of storing and moving heavy loads around the workplace. Mobile container trucks and trolleys are commonly found in warehouses, factories, kitchens and bars - really anywhere that heavy or awkward goods need to be moved and stored.

How do Mobile Container Trucks work?

Mobile Container Trucks work by securing a deep container to castors or wheels. This allows the container to easily be moved from place to place and reduces the likelihood of strains and other manual handling injuries. In addition, many mobile container trucks come with lids so can be effectively used for storage as well as transportation.

What are the benefits of using Mobile Container Trucks?

In addition to reducing manual handling injuries, there are plenty of benefits to using a mobile container truck, including:

  • When behind the bar, our range of bottle trucks can keep the area clean and tidy whilst providing an easy way to move large quantities of bottles
  • Our food-safe mobile container trucks are the ideal container units for storing and moving bulk ingredients hygienically
  • Our self-levelling trolleys are a great way of ensuring the load is easily accessible
  • Our high-capacity containers are perfect for storing and moving higher volumes of goods

Which Mobile Container Trucks are in the First Mats range?

Our range of container trucks covers a broad variety of uses. We have recycled black plastic trucks for the environmentally conscious, food-safe trucks that are perfect for catering businesses, self-levelling trucks which are designed to reduce bending and lifting by the user and sturdy bottle skips for behind the bar or in the restaurant.

Most of our truck range is available in a variety of sizes and shapes, so there should be a container truck suitable for every requirement.

Why buy Mobile Container Trucks from First Mats?

We have a 4.8 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot which shows that we pride ourselves on our customer service, and strive to give the best experience we can. Our number one aim is to provide great quality equipment at competitive prices - whether that is a mobile container truck or one of our other great items.

If you have any questions about our mobile container trucks or other products, please do get in touch with one of our friendly team members by e-mail or telephone.