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Oil Cans & Plunger Cans

Oil Cans and Plunger Cans are a great addition to any garage or workshop that works with Oils and Lubricants. Our Oil Cans and Plungers make it easy and convenient to apply small amounts of oil where it's needed, either by drops or by cloth. A 1 year guarantee is included with all cans along with free mainland UK delivery. - Click to learn more about Oil Cans & Plunger Cans

More information about Oil Cans & Plunger Cans

What are Oil Cans and Plunger Cans?

Oil Cans and Plunger Cans are used for distributing oil or other fluids to where it's needed. They are often used in industrial workplaces such as factories and workshops, as well as automotive garages.

How do Oil Cans and Plunger Cans work?

Oil Cans usually feature a flexible spout, so that oil can be directed neatly to where it’s needed, such as machinery, tools, chains and gears. They feature a trigger or a thumb operated lever to control the flow of the oil.

Plunger Cans feature a spring mounted dasher, which allows controlled release of liquid onto a swab or cloth. They are easy to use with one hand and can be used with flammable solvents.

What are the benefits of using Oil Cans and Plunger Cans?

Oil Cans and Plunger Cans are ensure that oils and other fluids are transferred with minimal mess or spills. The flexible spout on the oil cans means that the oil can be directed with precision, and the spring mounted dasher on the plunger cans ensures controlled release of oils and other fluids. The plunger cans also often have extra safety features, such as a perforated metal flash arrestor which helps to prevent ignition and escape of flammable vapours.

Which Oil Cans and Plunger Cans are in the First Mats range?

We have a wide range of Oil Cans and Plunger Cans on offer, available in different sizes to best suit your needs. We also offer Oil Drum Pumps for use with barrels or drums of oil.

We have three different oil cans, ranging from 180ml capacity to 1000ml capacity. They all feature a robust metal can, and a flexible spout for directional control of the fluid. They are easy to use with a trigger operation action or a thumb operated lever action.

plunger can in use

Our oil plunger cans range from 1L capacity to 3.8L capacity. The spring mounted dasher controls the release of liquid onto a swab or cloth, ensuring that your workspace remains safe and clean. They are safe to use with flammable solvents and the perforated metal flash arrestor will help to prevent ignition and escape of any flammable vapours.

The Heavy-Duty Lever Action Oil Drum Pump can be used on 50 to 205L drums and will deliver approximately 500ml per stroke. It is easy to operate via a self-priming lever pump and comes supplied with a 2”BSP adaptor.

The Metal Oily Waste Can is an ideal solution for disposing of paper wipes or cloths which have been used to soak up oil and other flammable solvents. It features a durable galvanised steel body with a powder coated finish and has a flow-through base to disperse heat, ensuring that the product is robust and safe to use.

Why buy Oil Cans and Plunger Cans from First Mats?

All of our Oil Cans and Plunger Cans are made from strong materials and come complete with a 1 year guarantee. We offer competitive prices along with free and fast UK delivery. We have excellent reviews on Trustpilot with a rating of 4.8 out of 5, reflecting our quality products as well as our excellent customer service.

If you have any questions regarding our range of oil cans or any of the other products on our site, don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team.

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