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Oil Drain Pans & Drip Trays

Safely contain drips and spills with our Oil Drain Pans and Drip Trays. The specially designed moulded plastic drip trays are ideal for various fluids including oils and coolant, with some Oil Drain Pans featuring pouring spouts or sealed containers. All of our Oil Drain Pans and Drip Trays include free mainland UK delivery.

Oil Drain Pans & Drip Trays - More Information

Oil Drain Pan

What are Oil Drain Pans?

Oil Drain Pans are trays for capturing oil and coolant /anti-freeze drips safely and easily. They are popular in workshops and garages (both commercial and domestic), as they’re excellent for collecting oils and fluids from cars and machinery.

They usually have a low height, so it's easy to fit them underneath machines. Most Oil Drain Pans are made from tough plastic, and some models are made of metal.

How do Oil Drain Pans work?

Oil Drain Pans usually have a wide, shallow base to capture the oil and other fluids cleanly and safely. Some models are part drain pan, part container so the oil is held safely in an enclosed shallow box.

Other Oil Drain Pans have a pouring spout to decant the oil, a handle, or wheels to move the drain pan around. These features are designed to make handling and moving the waste oil even easier and safer, with no risk of spills.

What are the benefits of Oil Drain Pans?

If you’ve ever tried to use a bucket or other makeshift container for an oil change can you’ll know how quickly oil can spill onto the garage floor – a messy and hazardous situation that can be expensive to put right.

  • Oil Drain Pans capture waste oil / anti-freeze safely and easily, minimising the risk of oily residues on the floor surface
  • They are cost-effective, easy to clean and store
  • Oil Drain Pans come in many different shapes and sizes, so it’s easy to find the right one to fit underneath the vehicle or machine
  • They are very easy to use, with no training required, and are suitable for DIY use as well as for professional mechanics

Which Oil Drain Pans are in the First Mats range?

Our Oil Drain Pans come in a wide range of sizes, able to hold from 2 litres right up to 100 litres, making it easy to choose the Drain Pan that is large enough to safely hold the waste liquid.

Specialist models include: 

  • Our Axle Oil Drain Pan that fits underneath the axle of a wheel
  • The Heavy-Duty Green Anti-Freeze and Oil Drain Pan. Its bright green colour - rather than the standard black - makes it easy to spot in workplaces and garages where a Oil Drain Pan needs to be set aside for sole use
  • Our Car Oil and Coolant Low Profile Drainer (30L) and our larger 54 Litre Wheeled Oil Drain & Recycling Container work as a drip tray and a closed container 
  • And our Oil Drum Drain Pan, which is designed to sit on top of a 205L Drum allows small items such as filters to drain safely into the drum spout.

Most of our Oil Drain Pans are made from sturdy plastic, apart from our Low Level 64 Litre Oil Drainer Trolley, which is made from metal.

Designed for regular industrial use, all of First Mats' Oil Drain Pans are durable, reusable and easy to clean. They are available as single items, or in packs of two or five.

Why First Mats?

We know our customers are looking for quality products at competitive prices, backed by outstanding customer service – we work hard to deliver on this, which is why we have an industry-leading 4.8 Star Trustpilot rating.

Our reputation depends on the fact that when you buy your Oil Drain Pan from First Mats, you’ll get the right product at the right price, with the added bonus of free delivery to all mainland UK destinations.

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