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Parts Washers and Cleaning Tanks

Our Parts Washers and Cleaning Tanks are fantastic for use in workshops and garages. They are designed to make cleaning small components easy and convenient without needing a mains water supply. Our range includes mobile Parts Washers and static cleaning tanks in various sizes. All of our Parts Washer and Cleaning Tank models are sold with free mainland UK delivery on orders over £45+VAT - Click to learn more about Parts Washers and Cleaning Tanks

More information about Parts Washers and Cleaning Tanks

Clean Precision: Top-Quality Parts Washers & Cleaning Tanks for Garages and Workshops

Discover our extensive range of premium Parts Washers and Cleaning Tanks, designed to meet the rigorous demands of businesses across various industries. Our collection is meticulously engineered to provide efficient and effective mechanical parts cleaning, ensuring the smooth operation of your machinery and equipment.

With our Parts Washers and Cleaning Tanks, you can maintain the optimal performance of your equipment, prolong their lifespan and ultimately, enhance your business productivity.

Our Parts Washers are renowned for their robust construction, high cleaning power and longevity. They are perfect for businesses requiring regular and thorough mechanical parts cleaning. On the other hand, our Cleaning Tanks are designed with advanced features that enable deep cleaning of parts, even those with complex shapes and hard-to-reach areas.

Whether you're looking for Parts Washers or Cleaning Tanks, we have many options to suit your specific needs. Explore our range today and find the perfect cleaning equipment that matches your business requirements.

Understanding Parts Washers and Cleaning Tanks

Parts Washers and Cleaning Tanks are essential cleaning tools in workshops and garages, particularly for small components and parts. These devices consist of a tank, a drive pump unit, and a flexible nozzle, and they operate by recirculating and filtering cleaning fluids, eliminating the need for a mains water supply connection.

Some models even feature shelves and baskets for holding small parts during cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning tanks utilise high-frequency sound waves and are particularly effective at cleaning small items.

Advantages of Using Parts Washers or Cleaning Tanks

Parts Washers or Cleaning Tanks offer a convenient, safe, and effective solution for cleaning small parts and components. They can be static, placed in a convenient workshop location, or mobile, easily transported as needed.

Many models come with a self-latching fusible link lid that automatically shuts in case of a fire, providing additional safety. Whether you're cleaning small components or large, awkwardly shaped parts, Parts Washers and Cleaning Tanks make the task easier and safer.

Things to Consider

  • Capacity: Consider the size and capacity of the parts washer or cleaning tank to ensure it can accommodate the volume and size of the parts you need to clean. This will help avoid any limitations or inefficiencies in the cleaning process.
  • Cleaning Method: Evaluate the cleaning method used by the parts washer or cleaning tank. Different methods, such as aqueous, solvent-based, or ultrasonic cleaning, have their own advantages and limitations. Choose the one that best suits your specific cleaning requirements.
  • Material Compatibility: Check whether the parts washer or cleaning tank is compatible with the materials of the parts you need to clean. Some cleaning solutions or tanks may not be suitable for certain materials, leading to damage or ineffective cleaning.
  • Contamination Control: Assess the level of contamination control provided by the parts washer or cleaning tank. Look for features such as filtration systems or oil skimmers that help remove contaminants from the cleaning solution, ensuring optimal cleaning performance and prolonging the life of the solution.
  • Safety Features: prioritise safety features such as automatic shut-off valves, fume extraction systems, or fire prevention mechanisms. These features help minimise the risk of accidents or hazardous situations during the cleaning process.
  • Ease of Use: Consider the user-friendliness of the parts washer or cleaning tank. Look for features such as intuitive controls, easy maintenance, and clear instructions to ensure efficient operation and minimise the potential for errors or downtime.
  • Energy Efficiency: Evaluate the energy consumption of the parts washer or cleaning tank. Opt for energy-efficient models, as this can lead to cost savings and reduce environmental impact in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do parts washers use cleaning solutions?

Yes, parts washers do use cleaning solutions. These solutions are specifically designed to effectively remove grease, oil, dirt, and other contaminants from various parts and components.

The cleaning solutions used in parts washers are typically formulated to be environmentally friendly and safe for use. They are highly efficient in removing tough residues and can be tailored to suit different cleaning requirements.

By using a parts washer with the appropriate cleaning solution, you can ensure thorough and efficient cleaning of your parts, leading to improved performance and longevity.

Why do I need a parts washer?

A parts washer is essential for any workshop or industrial setting. It helps to effectively clean and degrease various parts and components, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Using a parts washer can efficiently remove dirt, grease, oil, and other contaminants from your equipment, saving you time and effort compared to manual cleaning methods.

Not only does a parts washer improve the cleanliness and appearance of your parts, but it also helps to maintain their functionality and efficiency. Regularly cleaning your parts with a parts washer can prevent the build-up of grime and debris, leading to corrosion, clogging, and decreased performance. Additionally, a clean and well-maintained machine is less likely to experience breakdowns or malfunctions, reducing downtime and costly repairs.

Investing in a high-quality parts washer is a wise decision for any business that relies on machinery and equipment. It ensures that your parts are thoroughly cleaned, extends their lifespan, and ultimately contributes to a more efficient and productive work environment.

Does a parts washer use water?

Yes, a parts washer does use water. It is an essential component of the cleaning process. Parts washers are designed to effectively remove dirt, grease, and other contaminants from various parts and components.

They typically feature a tank or basin where the parts are placed, and water is used along with a cleaning solution to clean the parts thoroughly. The water helps rinse the dirt and grime, leaving the parts clean and ready for use.

Some parts washers also have additional features, such as brushes or jets, to enhance the cleaning process. So, if you're looking for a reliable and efficient way to clean your parts, a parts washer with water is definitely a great choice.

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