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PPE and clothing

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) should be used whenever there is a high risk of injury to workers, both indoors and outdoors. Hi-Vis workwear just as jackets and trousers ensure they are visible, even in dimly lift areas, whilst safety gloves will protect against dirt, oils, cuts and bruises.

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Work gloves for PPE safety

PPE and clothing

Using personal protective equipment (PPE) and clothing is a must whenever there is a potential risk of injury to staff, customers or visitors. PPE can help you to reduce these risks by encouraging safe behaviours, drawing attention to hazards and/or providing a physical barrier. 

Clothing like high-visibility jackets and trousers allow your people to be seen easily in both normal and low-light environments. These eye-catchingly bright yellow or orange garments typically include large reflective strips or patches to make sure that the wearer is protected whatever the time of day or night, and in all weathers. Designed to be used by road workers, construction staff and other outdoor personnel, high-vis clothing is available with quilted linings and waterproof outers. 

Safety gloves are available in a large range of options. The type of work you do will help you decide which gloves you need — PVC gauntlets are well suited to people dealing with oil or grease, anti-vibration gloves are the perfect choice for personnel using power tools for sustained periods, and armoured mechanics' gloves have built-in protection for the knuckles and back of the hand. Whatever your line of work, there is a safety glove available to meet your requirements. 


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