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Rack Sack Bags

Rack Sack Bags are one of the best ways to manage waste and recycling in warehouse environments. They are designed to be easily hooked onto racking, providing a large waste collector without taking up floor space. Choose from a wide range of designs, allowing you to use the bags best suited for your business needs.

Rack Sack Bags - More Information

Rack Sack Bags in use

What are Rack Sack Bags and why are they useful?

Rack Sack Bags from our range of Waste Bins are cleverly designed to manage industrial waste and recycling. They can be attached to trolleys and racking as well as many other industrial substrates. They have either one or two pockets, each with an open mouth to allow the easy collection and segregation of waste. 

They offer many benefits in warehouses and other workplaces – for example, they save valuable space!  Rack Sack Bags allow you to collect waste in a way that does not take up valuable floor space. They are also very cost-effective. Made from tough waterproof polyester they are able to withstand the rigours of an industrial environment, making them durable and long-lasting and fantastic value for money.

They also promote recycling in the workplace, which helps your business to comply with EU Waste Management legislation.

Which Rack Sack Bags are available?

We have a wide variety of Rack Sack Bags so you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for. Choose from different types of sacks which can be attached to trolleys or to warehouse racking. We also have a large selection of different coloured and printed text sacks – including ones for electrical, cardboard, metal, shrink wrap, and more –  to make sorting waste more efficient and your workspace more productive.