Spill Stations and Trolleys

Keep oil spills under control with our handy Spill Stations. Designed with convenience in mind, these Spill Stations feature a selection of absorbents and other materials to help you rapidly deal with spills of oils, fuels and other fluids in the workplace. Choose from our selection of static or mobile trolleys to find the right Spill Station for your needs. All of our Spill Stations include free mainland UK delivery.

Spill Stations and Trolleys - More Information

Lockable Spill Station

What are Spill Stations and Trolleys?

Spill Stations and Trolleys are designed to be placed strategically around workplaces such as workshops and warehouses. They provide easy access to cleaning materials and absorbent pads so that any spills can be dealt with quickly.

How do Spill Stations and Trolleys work?

Spill Stations and Trolleys are designed to contain a variety of absorbent materials which can soak up oils, fuels, water and coolants. They can be wall-mounted, free standing or even on wheels to ensure that they can be placed in the most convenient position in the workplace or moved easily to wherever they are needed.

What are the benefits of using Spill Stations and Trolleys?

Spill Stations and Trolleys help to keep workplaces clean and safe in a simple and efficient way. According to HSE requirements, spills should be dealt with quickly and a spill station is an effective way to do this. Spill stations are ideal for storing and providing easy access to equipment, and some products include extra features, such as spill trays, or wheels for extra mobility, which can add extra functionality depending on your work environment and needs.

Which Spill Stations and Trolleys are in the First Mats range?

We offer a wide range of Spill Stations and Trolleys to suit different requirements, whether you are looking for a simple static cabinet or a mobile response cart. We also offer spill stations which come fully stocked for extra convenience.

If floor space is limited, the Spillpod Duo or Spillpod Trio are ideal compact solutions. These spill stations are wall-mounted and also come fully stocked with refills available to buy. They make access to absorbent pads and cleaning materials easy and convenient, meaning that any spills can be tackled quickly and efficiently.

For a more mobile solution, we have portable carts with wheels in our range, so they can be rapidly transported to where they are needed most. For example, our Mobile Moulded Spill Response Cart is fully mobile with four wheels, and also features a recessed top which can be used a temporary spill tray ideal for broken or leaking bottles.

We also offer a Mobile Absorbent or Grit Dispenser which can be used to transport and dispense loose spill clean-up granules and can also be used for transporting salt and grit for de-icing paths and driveways, making this a very useful and versatile product.

For stocking and re-stocking your Spill Stations and Trolleys, we have a range of Universal Absorbent Pads at competitive prices, so you can ensure that stations are kept fully stocked to help promote a safe and clean work environment.

Why buy Spill Stations and Trolleys from First Mats?

Many of our spill stations and trolleys come with a 3 year guarantee, so you can feel confident in our quality products at competitive prices. We offer free and fast UK delivery along with excellent customer service – we have fantastic reviews on Trustpilot with a rating of 4.8 out of 5.

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