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Spill Trays and Pallets

Keep small oil spills and leaking drums under control with our strong spill trays and pallets. Ideal for storage, filling stations or transferring fluids in industrial areas, these spill trays and pallets feature removable grids to reduce contamination and make cleaning easier. Buy online with Free UK delivery.
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Spill Trays and Pallets - More Information

Oil Spill Tray

Our spill Trays and Pallets prove to be an extremely useful product for any business that stores and handles liquids. Our spill management range has been specifically designed to work with industrial fluids such as oils or coolants providing you with robust protection and peace of mind. Spills will happen, but with our products you can minimise the fallout; leaving you and your staff to get on with their jobs safely.

At First Mats, we have a simple solution for this costly and resource intensive issue; our range of spill trays and pallets have been designed for the very purpose of helping to manage spills in the workplace.

Why use our Spill Trays and Pallets?

It can be easy in a busy workplace environment to have small accidents, particularly when you are working with liquids. Whether you are moving liquids, refilling liquids or transferring liquids from one container to another, there is a risk that some spillage may occur. When you're short of time and have to keep the workflow going, it can be obstructive to stop what you're doing and clean up or find a colleague to do it for you. Leaving the spill can cause health and safety risks; danger of injury to colleagues and/or visitors and depending on the liquid. A spill could also cause damage to surrounding areas or other products.

Product Specification

Whether you use small or large containers, there is a First Mats spill tray or spill pallet to suit. If your business uses 25 litre drums then our recommendation would be to use spill trays. Your containers sit on the tray grid keeping them away from any exposed fluid.  The trays are manufactured in Great Britain from durable recycled plastic and if you ever need to dispose of them, they can be included with your recyclable materials. Our spill trays are designed to last and will not corrode making it easier to both store and dispense liquids safely and efficiently.

For storage and transportation of heavier containers, our spill pallets are the ideal solution. Made from extra strong PE construction, the pallets are designed to handle between 400kg and 900kgs of weight – perfect if you work with oil drums (roughly 1-3 drums).

Our spill trays and spill pallets are easy to clean, just remove the grid – giving you value for money with repeated use.

You can be assured of all round protection with our range of trays and pallets as they are all weather resistant and compliant with oil storage regulations.

Which Spill Trays and Pallets Do I Need?

In order to determine which of our product range is right for you, we will need to know what it is you are storing and how heavy it is likely to be. As a guideline the smaller spill pallets will hold 2 to 16 x 25l containers equivalent to a total load of 50kg to250kg. For heavier loads totalling anything between 400kg and 900kg we recommend the bigger pallets. Each of the products within our range will provide more information about the loads they are designed for.

Why buy Spill Trays and Pallets from First Mats?

If it is quality products and a company with an excellent track record for customer service that you are looking for, then your search is over. At First Mats we're proud of our Trustpilot rating, which demonstrates our commitment to our customers. Our staff team are passionate about helping you to solve your everyday workplace challenges in an efficient and timely manner. Why not browse the range of spill trays and pallets on offer or contact us today to find out how we can help you with your specific requirements.