Stainless Steel Trolleys

Our Stainless Steel Trolleys are made from strong and corrosion resistant Stainless Steel, making them fantastic for use in Kitchens and other catering applications. All of our Stainless Steel Trolleys are available with free mainland UK delivery.

Stainless Steel Trolleys - More Information

Stainless Steel Trolley

What are Stainless Steel Trolleys and Sack Trucks?

Stainless Steel Trolleys and Sack Trucks are designed to transport heavy loads hygienically and safely around the workplace. They are excellent for use in kitchens, laboratories or other hygienic environments where equipment must be corrosion resistant and easy to clean. 

Our Stainless Steel Trolleys are four-wheeled trolleys with either one or two handles. To use, simply load the trolley and push or pull it to your destination. One or more of the sides can be removed to make loading and unloading easier, then put back in place ready for transportation. 

Our Stainless Steel Sack Trucks allow users to simply scoop the load onto the flat base of the Sack Truck – no manual lifting required – then pull the handles back to lift it off the ground. The load then rests against the strong frame of the Sack Truck and can be wheeled to its destination.

No special training is needed to use Trolleys or Sack Trucks.

What are the benefits of Stainless Steel Trolleys and Sack Trucks?

Transporting heavy loads in environments such as medical and food production / catering environments, where hygiene is important, needs the right equipment:

  • The Trolley or Sack Truck must be easy to clean and sterilise
  • The person moving the heavy load needs to be able to carry it safely, without risk of injury

Luckily, Stainless Steel Trolleys and Trucks tick both these boxes, and come with many other benefits:

  • Stainless Steel Trolleys and Sack Trucks are strong and durable, promising decades of reliable service
  • Stainless steel is an alloy of iron with chromium, an element that forms a thin anti-corrosion surface layer. This rust-proof quality makes it ideal for harsh / damp conditions
  • And being made from stainless steel, the Trolleys and Sack Trucks are very easy to clean (and sterilise, if needed) after use. This reduces the risk of cross-contamination and is one of the main reasons they're so popular in the medical and food and drinks sectors
  • Trolleys and Sack Trucks allow workplaces to comply with health and safety legislation on safe manual handling – in fact, HSE advises using them in the catering industry in its industry guidance (CAIS 24)
  • Trolleys can also be used to store items temporarily

Which Stainless Steel Trolleys and Sack Trucks are in the First Mats range?

We have two durable Stainless Steel Sack Trucks, capable of carrying loads of either 200kg or 150kg. Both are manufactured in the UK from sheet and tube stainless steel and are fitted with safety hand protectors. They also have long-lasting solid rubber tyres, so there's no risk of flat tyres when carrying heavy loads.

If you are looking to carry even heavier loads, our range of Stainless Steel Trolleys are British made Trolleys capable of carrying up to 500kg. The Trolleys come with one, two, three or four removable mesh sides - simply choose the option that suits the goods that you are transporting, for example:

  • Our Stainless Steel Trolley - One Sided is ideal for very wide loads
  • The Stainless Steel Trolley - Four Sided is excellent for unstable loads or smaller items that might easily fall off.

All of our Stainless Steel Trolleys are formed from sheet, tube and wire mesh 304 Grade stainless steel and are available in three widths. They move on two swivel and two fixed stainless steel castors, for excellent handling and manoeuvrability.

Why First Mats?

We know our customers are looking for quality products at competitive prices, backed by outstanding customer service – we work hard to deliver on this, which is why we have an industry-leading "Excellent" 4.8 star Trustpilot rating.

Our reputation depends on the fact that when you buy your Stainless Steel Trolley or Sack Truck from First Mats, you’ll get the right product at the right price, with the added bonus of free delivery to all mainland UK destinations.

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