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Heavy Duty Staplers

Heavy duty staplers are essential for attaching labels in warehouses, upholstery, DIY, and office use. Our range features models with a variety of designs to suit all budgets and applications. Buy your heavy duty staplers online, or contact our sales team for help and advice.

Heavy Duty Staplers - More Information

Heavy Duty Staplers

What are Heavy Duty Staplers?

Heavy Duty Staplers are tools that are used to push a variety of different staples into wood, plastic and other materials. They can be used in many different applications including packaging, upholstery, carpeting, insulation and roofing. 


Why are Heavy Duty Staplers important?

Heavy Duty Staplers are extremely important pieces of equipment that can be found in almost all workplaces. A heavy duty stapler can be used for a huge range of tasks from stapling labels to pallets or crates, to construction and flooring work. Heavy Duty Staplers provide a quick and easy way of securing items together and can save users a lot of time and effort. 


What are the benefits of Heavy Duty Staplers?

Packaging has seen a major increase over the last decade, and with that comes the need for hassle-free and fast ways to securely fasten boxes to keep items safe. Staple guns such as our Heavy-Duty Manual Carton Staplers are best suited for packaging jobs as they are able to secure boxes in a neat and tidy manner, giving your customers a great brand impression. 

A heavy duty stapler can also be used for construction jobs such as securing carpets down. They can be used to install carpets and re-tack them back onto the floor, and our Professional Hammer Tacker for Carpets and Labels is the perfect option for this job. 

Smaller staple guns are also handy for crafting and upholstery use. They allow DIY-ers endless opportunities to get creative. Whether that be securing posters or working with wood, our Heavy-Duty 6mm-14mm Hand Tacker Stapler is a promising option for upholstery, decorative and display applications.


Which Heavy Duty Staplers are available in the First Mats range?

We stock a wide range of different Heavy Duty Staplers so you are sure to find what you need. Our collection includes robust options for everyday use such as our Heavy-Duty Hand Tacker Stapler, as well as lighter options for the occasional DIY at home, such as our 4mm-8mm Hand Tacker Stapler. 

We also stock different-sized staples to fill our staple guns. These are all premium-quality and are supplied in bulk so you don't have to worry about running out. 


Why buy Heavy Duty Staplers from First Mats Ltd?

At First Mats we are proud to deliver top-quality products with excellent customer service. Our Trustpilot rating of 4.9 out of 5 is based on hundreds of reviews from recent clients. Not only are we passionate about delivering excellent customer service, we also work hard to ensure we offer exceptional value and speedy delivery.

Order your Heavy Duty Staplers online, or call our helpful team for more information and advice.