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Work Lights

Our Industrial Work Lights are specially designed to provide illumination where it is needed most. Within our range, you'll find a selection of LED floodlights with different outputs and a choice of 110v and 230v power supplies. For mechanics, our multi-function Inspection Lamps are a firm favourite, with all models being rechargeable via USB. All of our Work Lights include a 1 year guarantee and free mainland UK delivery.

Work Lights - More Information

Site Work Light

What are Work Lights?

Work lights include a number of different lighting products including portable lamps, inspection lamps and floodlights. They are used in settings where bright illumination is needed, such as inspection or other detailed precision work, for example, they can be used by car mechanics and engineers in workshops and on construction sites.

What are the benefits of using Work Lights?

Work Lights can provide bright illumination over a wide area, or a more focused area of light, depending on your needs. Many work lights can be rotated and angled to direct the light where needed. Some come complete with stands, so they can be placed in the most convenient position in the workspace, while others are designed to be hand-held, but most also have hands-free options. Some work lights feature rechargeable batteries, allowing them to be used in areas where an electricity supply is not available.

Which Work Lights are in the First Mats range?

Our wide range of Work Lights includes portable LED floodlights with mains power supply and rechargeable options, telescopic floodlight stands and small portable inspection lamps.

LED Floodlights

Our Portable 20W SMD LED Floodlight is available with a 230V 3-pin plug, 110v plug or with a rechargeable battery. All three versions feature a robust die-cast aluminium housing complete with a stand and on/off switch. The SMD LEDs produce ultra bright illumination and an 110° spread of light, making them ideal for use in workshops, garages and construction sites.

Portable LED Floodlight

Our 24W and 48W SMD LED 110V Portable Site Floodlights are particularly hard-wearing and highly portable, making them a good option for outdoor use. They feature an integrated carry handle and a 180° stand, so the light source can be positioned easily.

The Telescopic Floodlight Stands in our range are highly versatile, featuring foldaway tripod legs and a removable head. This makes them easy to store when not in use and the floodlights can be used freestanding or on the stand, depending on requirements.

LED Inspection Lamps

LED Inspection Lamp in use

Our wide range of Inspection Lamps are ideal for detailed inspection work. They all come with high quality rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, and many come with either a 12V in-car charger or a USB charger, so they can be charged while travelling. They also feature an LED light source in the end of the lamp which can be used as a directional torch.

Why buy Work Lights from First Mats?

All of our Work Lights feature a robust construction and come complete with a 1 year guarantee. They are all offered at competitive prices along with free and fast UK delivery. You can rely on our excellent customer service as well as our quality products – we have excellent reviews on Trustpilot with a rating of 4.8 out of 5. 

If you have any questions regarding our range of work lights or any of the other products on our site, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team.