10L Petrol Jerry Can - Green (4619235655715)

10L Petrol Can - Green

This 10L Petrol Can is ideal for storing and transporting fuel safely and securely. Its made from 0.9mm pickled steel sheet with a fuel resistant lining and features a leak-proof bayonet closure. The bayonet is also secured with a locking pin to prevent accidental opening. It is colour-coded green for unleaded fuel.

  • 10L capacity
  • Colour-coded green for unleaded fuel
  • Made from 0.9mm pickled steel sheet with fuel resistant lining
  • Unique wide channel breather for smoother pouring
  • 1 year guarantee

This 10L Petrol Can not only allows petrol to be stored securely with its leak-proof bayonet closure, it also has a unique wide channel breather which allows for smoother pouring. The fuel resistant lining prevents rusting from petrol, diesel, oil, water or alcohol. This 10L petrol can has been manufactured and tested to comply with UN Dangerous Goods and DIN standards.


  • Capacity: 10L
  • Weight: 2.78kg
  • Colour: Green

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