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180° Wall Mounted Convex Mirror

These 180° Wall Mounted Convex Mirrors are a fantastic way of reducing accidents and thefts in the workplace, as they offer outstanding image quality at an economic price.

The convex observation mirrors are mounted on a wall, where they allow panoramic views of critical indoor areas such as:

  • narrow passages
  • corridors
  • blind spots.


Available in three sizes, the largest mirror offers views up to 8m from the mirror. This makes them ideal for hospitals, hotels, near lift entrances, checkouts in retail stores, public buildings and factories.

The mirrors are manufactured from ultra-lightweight acrylic material and can be screwed directly onto flat surfaces. They have a five-year guarantee against manufacturing faults.


  • Material: Metalised acrylic
  • Sizes: Three 
  • Style: 180 degree
  • Frame: Frameless


  • 60cm (w) x 32cm (h) x 24cm (d) offering views up to 5m from mirror
  • 80cm (w) x 41cm (h) x 33cm (d) offering views up to 6m from mirror
  • 100cm (w) x 53cm (h) x 40cm (d) offering views up to 8m from mirror


A cost-effective and low-maintenance way of improving safety and security in the workplace. 

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