180cm Long Rubber Wheel Stops - Black / Yellow

Parking isn't necessarily everyone's forte. Thankfully there's a product which exists that creates a level playing field for all of drivers out there who might not rate their parking skills on their CVs.

The First Mats' 180cm long rubber parking stops (manufactured in visibly reflective black and yellow or black and white striped versions) provides the perfect foil for anyone who doesn't feel completely assured in the area of spatial awareness.

Now, drivers of even the largest of vehicles on the road can park with confidence. Newly safe in the knowledge that their wheels will come into contact with these specially designed recycled rubber parking stops, long before there's any danger of their bonnet nudging another vehicle (or walled perimeter).

  • Easily and quickly installed
  • Highly visible reflective markings
  • Defines end of parking bay
  • Oil and heat resistant
  • UV stable
  • Fixing bolts included suitable for Concrete or Tarmac
  • Size: 180cm (l) x 150cm (w) x 100cm (h)


Other Applications

Our 180cm long rubber parking stops offer the ideal solution to a raft of potential parking challenges faced by employers and employees. And the general public with a broader view. Car parks, glass-fronted properties, showrooms and even designated cycling lanes/pedestrian paths can benefit from First Mats' versatile wheel stops.

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