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2 Drum Bunded Workfloor - Up to 1000kg

2 Drum Bunded Workfloor - Up to 1000kg

The 2 Drum Bunded Workfloor is a low height option for users who need to safely store many small containers, or 2 oil drums, up to 1000kg in weight. The 120L sump is effective at collecting leaks and drips from the containers above.

  • Low 15cm height, ideal for storing many small containers.
  • Multi-purpose use for oil drums, chemicals, and other fluids.
  • The upper grid decking can be removed for easy cleaning.
  • Size: 160cm x 80cm x 15cm. Weight limit: 1000kg.
  • Super-speedy and free UK delivery in 2 to 3 days.


A low rise workfloor for multi-purpose use

Our 2 Drum Bunded Workfloor has a lower height than our standard yellow bunded spill pallets, making it easier to load and unload containers and drums. They are best suited for users who need to store different types of small containers, or a mixture of 1 drum and other fluids.

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