2 Ltr Lithium Battery Fire Extinguisher FLE2 (4579140370467)

2 Ltr Lithium Battery Fire Extinguisher FLE1

Safely extinguish fires from mobile phones, laptops and other lithium-ion battery-operated devices with this 2 Ltr Lithium Battery Fire Extinguisher a welcome addition to the established range of specialist fire extinguishers already on the market.

The fire extinguisher contains AVD (Aqueous Vermiculite Dispersion) compound and water, which is applied as a fine mist to extinguish lithium fires. The 2 Ltr Lithium Battery Fire Extinguisher works by extinguishing the flames, cooling the excessive heat and preventing the product re-igniting a particular problem with these type of fires.

Ideally suited for lithium-based battery fires from personal electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablets. They are also an excellent fire safety measure where batteries are being charged and stored, for example:

  • goods distribution
  • battery collection bins
  • battery recycling locations
  • public services
  • battery charging stations.

Easily identified by its green label, the fire extinguisher is both lightweight and compact. This makes it easy to handle when putting out fires caused by a faulty battery. The 2 Ltr Lithium Battery Fire Extinguisher also offers protection against class A and electrical type fires.

  • Hot Work compliant
  • Conforms to European standards EN3-7:2004 and A1:2007
  • Non-toxic
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Designed, tested and manufactured in Europe
  • Five-year warranty.

A versatile new addition to fire safety in a wide range of workplace settings including public services, leisure and any locations handling batteries.

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