3-Layer Anti-Static Bench Mat

  • Are you looking for a layered vinyl anti-static bench mat?
  • Do you need an ESD bench mat that protects both your staff and electrical components?
  • Require a superior static dissipative mat?

Then our Anti-Static Bench Mat is for you.

 The 3 Layer Bench Mat is of a  three layer construction, made up of :-

  • Vinyl top surface
  • Conductive middle layer for ESD protection
  • Foam base.

This mat protects both devices and employees, with anti-static qualities that keep your workplace free from danger.

This ESD flooring mat meets IEC61340-5-1 resistance requirements.

Anti-Static Mat Sizes and Finish

As well as coming in 4 standard sizes, the 3 Layer Bench Mat can even be cut to size. Just choose one of 3 widths - either 60cm, 90cm or 120cm - then choose the length you require and we will calculate you a price.

The height/thickness of this mat is 3mm

This anti static mat comes in two different colours, blue or grey and has a lightly textured surface finish.

How to use this mat

The electric mat must be connected by grounding wire and accessories to work.

The accessories needed are: 

  • Anti Static Wristband
  • Coil Cord
  • Common Point Ground Wire
  • Earth Bonding Plug.

Note: Accessories are not included with this mat

How do Anti Static Accessories Work With The Mat?

  1. The Anti Wristband connects the wearer to the Coil Cord ( The Coil Cord allows the wearer easy movement.
  2. The Coil Cord then attaches to the Common Point Ground Wire.
  3. The male stud which is already included on the mat, connects to the Coil Cord and the Common Point Ground Wire.
  4. The Grounding Wire connects the Bench Mat to the Earth Bonding Plug.
  5. The Earth Bonding Plug fits into a wall socket, earthing any ESD ( ElectroStatic Discharge ) .

How to use Anti Static Mats

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