4mm Steel Lockout Hasp

When the going gets tough, the tough, durable build quality and safety-first stance characterised by our lockout hasps get going on keeping you safe.

Widely regarded as a maintenance engineers best friends, the First Mats 4mm steel lockout hasp could turn out to be the difference between completing a good job and a safe job.

And as such are pretty much an integral tool for any professional tradesperson whose job necessitates isolating the equipment theyre working on as they go about their business.

Steel Lockout Hasp Helps Keep Every Worker Safe

This confidence-inspiring steel lockout hasp is used in collaboration with lockout safety padlocks to ensure the health and wellbeing of colleagues working on the same job/site as yourself. Yet potentially at a seperate time.

Designed to fit with smaller lockout points, this plastic-bodied, steel shackled 4mm lockout hasp, also comprises a jaw diameter of some 25mm; and is available to enquire about/order through First Mats here and now.

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