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5 Tonne Lifting Slings

5 Tonne Lifting Slings

These 5 Tonne Lifting Slings are are ideal for safe lifting and transportation of heavy goods. They are manufactured from high strength polyester and, weight for weight, the straps are three to five times stronger than chain. Overload can also be detected early by fraying of the strap.

  • Made from 100% high strength polyester with reinforced lifting eyes
  • Three to five times stronger than chain (weight for weight)
  • Overload can be detected early by fraying of strap
  • Colour-coded red according to European standards to identify capacity
  • Length: 2 to 5 metres
  • 1 year guarantee

All of our lifting slings are colour-coded according to European standards, which allows the user to easily identify the capacity of each sling. The safe working load ratings listed below are for a load at one end (straight configuration) and for a load between the loop eyes (U configuration).


  • Colour: Red
  • Length: 2 to 5m
  • Safe working load Straight: 5000kg
  • Safe working load U: 10000kg

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