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60 Litre Medium Grit Bin with Salt and Scoop

Our 60 Litre Medium Grit Bin with Salt and Scoop is the perfect all-in-one grit unit for small business and domestic use. This unobtrusive medium sized bin is easy to move around as and when needed and has a 50kg salt capacity, making it ideal for most small businesses and homes.

  • 25kg salt and scoop included
  • Hardwearing but lightweight medium density polyethylene construction
  • Hinged lid protects contents
  • Stackable
  • 50kg salt capacity

This grit bin makes an ideal starter kit for any business or home looking to reduce the impact of foul weather. The unit includes a sturdy and weather-proof bin, 25kg bag of de-icing salt and a scoop - everything you need to winter-proof the site and ensure normal access throughout the colder weather. The grit bin is stackable for easy storage when not in use, and is manufactured from a hardy and lightweight polyethylene so can be easily moved around the site as and when required.

The bin has a hinged lid to protect the contents from the elements, and is specially designed to retain colour and integrity even throughout long term exposure to adverse weather, meaning that when not in use as a grit bin, the unit is also well-suited to other external storage uses.

Specifications for the grit bin are:

  • 500mm long x 470mm wide x 475mm high
  • Capacity is 60 litres/70kg
  • Unit weight 5.2kg

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