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6mm Thin Rubber Sheeting

Our 6mm rubber sheet is an ideal material for gasket and seal producers. The medium thickness of 6mm makes it flexible enough to be manipulated into many shapes, but also durable enough to prevent accidental breakages.


The thin rubber sheet is available in standard roll lengths of 10 metres or, if a smaller amount is required, a custom length (minimum 50cm) can be ordered instead. Simply enter the amount you need in CM and we will cut it for you.

Gasket Material

Being naturally waterproof and durable, rubber is one of the most commonly used materials for gaskets.

  • Used for waterproof seals and gaskets.
  • 68 degrees shore A hardness.
  • Tensile strength at break: 3.0 Mpa.
  • Elongation at break: 200%.

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